What is it? Espresso shot with steamed milk. Making for a 1:1 ratio espresso to milk. Full of frothy foam on top.

Step 1

Brew up 2 fresh shots of espresso.

Step 2

Next, pour the espresso into a mug.

Step 3

Steam the milk.

Step 4

Pour an equal ratio of steam milk to espresso.

Step 5

Finally, use a spoon to scoop out the top layer of foam. Fill the cup up with as much or as little foam as you would like. A “wet” cappuccino means it has more milk than foam. A “dry” cappuccino means it has less steamed milk and more foam.

Step 6

Sip and enjoy.

My take on it...

One of my top favorite drinks. Something about it, the craftsmanship of the barista, the foam, and the espresso. People all over the world can be very particular about this drink. When the barista gets it just right, your day will be made!

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