Cold Brew

What is it? Different brewing process than hot coffee. Coffee grounds soak overnight in water to extract the beans oils, sugars, and caffeine. In general it'll be less acidic and less biter than hot brewed coffee with ice in it.

Step 1

Grind the beans. Ideally, you want the grounds to be coarse.

Step 2

Next, pour grounds into glass jar. Give it a good stir so all of the grounds get wet.

Step 3

Let the grounds steep overnight. Typically, the grounds should steep between 18 to 20 hours.

Step 4

Then, pour the steeped coffee through a cheesecloth and into a glass jar to store the filtered cold brew.

Step 5

Fill a cup with ice cubes.

Step 6

Pour half water and half cold brew concentrate over the ice.

Step 7

This is optional but worth it. Pour a dash of half and half into your cold brew for a better flavor.

Step 8

Sip and enjoy.

My take on it...

A different flavored coffee. I enjoy cold brew a lot on a hot day. It definitely hits me harder than a regular cup of coffee. This drink may sit better with people that suffer from a sensitive stomach (due to acidity).

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