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#7 Chit-Chat Cafe at the Pier

Chit Chat at the Pier

2100 Beach Blvd.
Pacifica, CA
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Contact: 650-359-7025


Date Visited
: September 11, 2019

Sounds of the waves, the sun was shining. I could not resist stopping in at Chit-Chat Cafe at the Pier. I know I was at the sister location previously, but every coffee shop has a different story to tell from what I’m learning. I parked about half a mile down the street and made my way to the pier. A small little building propped right on the entrance of the pier. With more signs selling bait than coffee, I was worried I was walking into the wrong place.

Entered the octagon-shaped building, they too offered everything I could imagine. A friendly barista behind the counter named Sammy quickly showed me around and told me all the little details of this fine establishment. It’s been here for about 15-20 years and before the cafe, it was a tackle shop and before that an ice cream parlor.

The coolest thing about this coffee shop is that they sell bait! Not just one or two things either. They sell squid, mackerel, shrimp, ghost shrimp, and their most popular baits are anchovies and sardines. You could even purchase equipment like tape measures, snares, weights, hooks, fishing lines, and buckets. You could also find a $40 crabbing kit in the corner. If you’re into fishing, this is the place to be.

I was just about to ask what one may catch off the pier, but then I saw the wall of winners. They have pictures of the fish people have reeled in over the years and DAMN there have been some big fish. The most recent was August 10, 2019, with a 14 lb. salmon! And before that a 34″ 16lb. striped bass caught by a young kid on the pier.

Sammy kindly told me everything she knows about this place. Her biggest takeaway for me was that the regulars make this place. The older customers tend to congregate here and spend their days together enjoying everything the pier has to offer. The owners of the coffee shop Paul and Amy are big into supporting local and hang paintings from artists in the area. There are some gorgeous paintings of the pier and the coffee shop in all sorts of mediums. Even if you aren’t big into fishing, this would make a wonderful coffee date. The pier itself is open from 4 AM to 10 PM.

Okay, time to explore the bathroom! There is no bathroom directly in the coffee shop, but right around the other side of the building, there are public restrooms. I have to rank them a 4/10.