What is FTC?

Find That Coffee is a travel blog focused on discovering the best coffee experience this world has to offer. Founded in 2018 by travel journalist and coffee enthusiast, Spencer Buchness. Find That Coffee covers an array of topics, such as coffee shops, coffee drinkers, recipes, and living in a van. With a mission to help its readers navigate to independently owned coffee shops and find inspiration to drink local. 

Find That Coffee explores coffee shops all over the country.  I will be highlighting the vibe, the beans, the food, and the people. Since its inception, Find That Coffee has grown to reach an estimated 500 unique monthly readers and over 2,000 social media fans and followers worldwide. Planning to partner with small coffee brands, coffee shops, roasters, and inventors of the latest coffee gear, Find That Coffee continues to grow as a niche travel site catering to a loyal base of coffee enthusiasts. Follow me as I discover the perfect cup of coffee.

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