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#25 Moody’s Coffee Bar

Moody’s Coffee Bar

10450 Lansing St.
Mendocino, CA
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Contact: 707-937-4843


IG @moodyscoffee


Date Visited: September 24, 2019

Moody: (of a person) given to unpredictable changes of mood, especially sudden bouts of gloominess or sullenness.

Situated in downtown Mendocino, California, Moody’s Organic Coffee Bar was anything but moody! I walked in and met some of the friendliest baristas, Kylee, Ivy, and Apaulo. I placed an order for a medium coffee and was asked if I’d like light or dark roast. They recommended I go with the dark roast. I picked up my hot coffee and carefully began to navigate around the coffee shop and discover what it has to offer. There was a whole separate room on the side where people can sit at tables, booths, or even head out front and sit under the awning. Around the room were some spectacular paintings of mythical creatures. I later came to find out that Apaulo had painted all of these. Great job man! 

Kylee noticed my shirt and complimented it. I told them what I was doing and I quickly got the rundown on the shop. It changed to Moody’s Coffee Bar in 2005 and before that, it was called the Cookie Company. There was a lot of controversy over the real meaning behind the name Moody’s. One story is that the previous owner was divorcing his wife and she was super cranky during the whole process. The second story claims that Moody was the name of the family cow. But, no one really knows the full story, so if you find out more when you visit, make sure you comment below and let me know.

Apaulo walked me around and pointed out the pick-up window which allowed the customers to grab their coffee from the outside, super convenient. And after some placement advice, I slapped a few Find That Coffee stickers on the front window. He showed me their little candy machine that dispenses espresso beans. And a map that allowed customers to put a pin marking where they were visiting from. A super neat idea I plan to have in my coffee shop one day. It was really eye-opening to see how far people have traveled from to stand where I was standing.

The bathroom was nothing short of a janitor’s closet and they apologized right away. But, I’m quickly learning that small coffee shops can easily run out of space. I loved their no trick shot drawing so with that I present them with an 7/10.

Coffee Shop

#6 Kizler Coffee

Kizler Coffee

330 Palmetto Ave. #D
Pacifica, CA
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Contact: 650-451-3680



IG @kizlercoffee


Date Visited: September 11, 2019

After walking around the streets of Pacifica searching for the ocean on a chilly September day, I had no luck, the fog was too thick. I popped open my phone in search of my newest destination, Kizler Coffee. This coffee shop comes in hot with a 4.6 rating and 97 reviews. I drove half a mile down the street and came across a busy parking lot. Here sits Kizler Coffee. 

I circled the lot twice and found a perfect spot on the side street with a two-hour parking sign, bingo. Cracked my windows, grabbed my bag, and headed towards my most precious addiction, coffee.

This cafe is nestled in a little shopping center with a few other stores. Doors wide open and filled with natural light, I am digging the vibe already. Someone asks me, “Did you make that shirt?” and to his surprise, I did. I’m wearing one of my twelve shirts that say Find That Coffee. His name is Josh, super cool guy that just so happened to be the owner of this fine establishment. Josh was rocking his cute baby back and forth while letting me know everything about his shop. He was very proud of Kizler Coffee and has every right to be, incredibly cool spot. Josh, originally from Silver Spring, Maryland, took over the 19-year-old location about 5 years ago. He changed the name and made it personal.

Kizler Coffee supports local artists, a philosophy they stand by very highly. On the right wall, full of paintings and portraits, is a combination of work by 4 local artists. Over by the bar, you will find locally made stickers, jewelry, koozies, shirts, soap, and tons of other things tucked into the handmade wooden bar. The floor is concrete and the furniture is mostly recycled wood. Some tables have been designed, painted, and resined by a local artist as well. Josh’s hat and Nicole’s shirt (the barista) were both made by Oakland based artists. Josh talked more about his love to support local than trying to sell me on the coffee. That told me a lot about him and his love for the community. Respect.

I stepped up to the counter where Nicole nicely took my order and poured me a fresh cup of coffee. I guess Josh knew he didn’t need to say anything about the coffee, it tasted good. I sat down near the window and looked around. Screen printed t’s, succulents for sale, awesome animal sketches, recycled wood pallets everywhere, and an open unfinished ceiling. I was digging this place, very much my style. The walls were painted in solid colors to prepare for rotating artwork. Josh even told me they open the place up now and then to allow artists to come in and have full art shows. It obviously has a huge impact on the art world. I hope these photos capture the aesthetic Kizler Coffee gives off. Come check it out!

You know what time it is. Time to rank the bathroom. The bathroom gets 10/10, it did its job. Had an awesome display of artwork on the wall as well. Josh even went as far as painting the mirror to match the vibe of the place. Soft toilet paper, clean toilet, good smelling soap, and paper towels. I was pleased.