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#24 Goodlife Cafe & Bakery

Goodlife Cafe & Bakery

10483 Lansing St.
Mendocino, CA
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Contact: 707-937-0836


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Date Visited: September 22, 2019

I stopped in one of the most happenin’ lunch spots in Mendocino, California. A staple in the community, Goodlife Cafe & Bakery has been here for over 30 years. I walked inside and heard classic rock music playing overhead, people catching up with friends and family, and coffee dishes clinking. A very large dining area, the walls were covered in exquisite paintings, jewelry, stationery, handmade ceramics, and knitted beanies for sale. I like the layout of this place, it accommodated tons of people and the baristas were super friendly.

I stood in line behind at least eight people. This gave me time to read over their food menu, look through the pastries, and scan their coffee options. I ordered a medium mug “for here” and got their house roast. It was a pretty light roast, woke me right up!

When the line slowed down I went back to the counter where I was greeted by Lizzy and she gave me a quick rundown on Goodlife. This coffee shop gets a lot of tourists on the weekends and the locals generally come and go throughout the week. They don’t offer wifi because they want people to relax and be disconnected from the stressors of life while enjoying their time there. They offer food “for here” or “to-go.” Everything here is made in house. And don’t forget to try the vanilla and caramel syrups while you’re here, they are a delicious homemade recipe. The artwork around Goodlife is all created by local artists and rotates monthly. This is a perfect place to relax, eat, and drink coffee.

I kind of had to laugh when it came to the bathroom, it was tiny! About an arms with wide and three feet deep. Just big enough to do what you needed to, but it sure was tight. I was glad they had one though because the coffee ran right through me. I would like to rank this bathroom a 6/10. Considering how big the place is and how many people were eating in here, I had to wait a while for the restroom. Not the end of the world, but nothing special.

Coffee Shop

#19 Bovine Bakery

Bovine Bakery

11315 CA-1
Point Reyes Station, CA
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Contact: 415-663-9420


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Date Visited: September 18, 2019

Holy cow! Hanging out in the small town of Point Reyes I heard so many recommendations for Bovine Bakery. I had to go check them out. Just a tiny little shop down the road, two benches out front, and baked goods. I parallel parked on the street and headed in to see it for myself.

This bakery screamed LOCAL! I was thrilled to interview them. They have stunning photos of wildlife on the walls. A rack of private mugs so locals can have their cup when they stop in. The stir sticks were pieces of uncooked pasta, cost-efficient and better for our Earth. And half-price muffins, french pastries, and scones after 4:30 PM each weekday.

I went up to the counter and met Rosa. I told her I would like to order one of those yummy looking walnut brownies and she told me she would pick me out a good one. I conducted a quick interview with her before a rush of people came pouring in. Bovine Bakery got its name because the owner has a lot of ranches full of cows. It made a lot of sense because the cow theme ran deep in here, with tiles on the floor, pictures on the walls, and even in their logo. It’s been here for over 27 years serving quiches, pizza, pastries, and a wide variety of drinks, including coffee. She was so friendly, I was glad I stopped here.

I ended up eating the brownie a few hours later as I headed up the coast. It was delicious and moist. Make sure you save room for one when you visit!

Don’t have a cow… but there isn’t a public restroom from what I could tell.

Coffee Shop

#9 Saltwater Bakery

Saltwater Bakery

1905 Palmetto Ave.
Pacifica, CA
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Contact: 415-637-8946



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Date Visited: September 12, 2019

A very cute shop, worth checking out. Located in downtown Pacifica, California and just a few blocks from the beach. Saltwater Bakery was started one and a half years ago. Tawnya has built a cafe that is both gluten and dairy-free. Her daughter has been facing dietary restrictions for years and Tawnya realized how many other people have been dealing with her same concerns. She stepped up to do something about it. 

I ordered a small coffee and come to find out that it’s locally-roasted and boy was it TASTY! I didn’t even have to add anything to it. I looked down and suddenly locked eyes on a slice of banana bread. It was so gluten-free, moist, and delicious. I was concerned because I have had gluten-free pastries before that were a bit dry, but Tawnya has perfected this recipe. She informed me that there were vegan options as well. Even the syrups were all locally handcrafted, along with the ceramic mugs that were displayed around the cafe.

As far as the bathroom goes, I’m not sure. I didn’t see one while I was visiting. Please, comment below if you find out the answer!