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#9 Saltwater Bakery

Saltwater Bakery

1905 Palmetto Ave.
Pacifica, CA
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Contact: 415-637-8946



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Date Visited: September 12, 2019

A very cute shop, worth checking out. Located in downtown Pacifica, California and just a few blocks from the beach. Saltwater Bakery was started one and a half years ago. Tawnya has built a cafe that is both gluten and dairy-free. Her daughter has been facing dietary restrictions for years and Tawnya realized how many other people have been dealing with her same concerns. She stepped up to do something about it. 

I ordered a small coffee and come to find out that it’s locally-roasted and boy was it TASTY! I didn’t even have to add anything to it. I looked down and suddenly locked eyes on a slice of banana bread. It was so gluten-free, moist, and delicious. I was concerned because I have had gluten-free pastries before that were a bit dry, but Tawnya has perfected this recipe. She informed me that there were vegan options as well. Even the syrups were all locally handcrafted, along with the ceramic mugs that were displayed around the cafe.

As far as the bathroom goes, I’m not sure. I didn’t see one while I was visiting. Please, comment below if you find out the answer!

Coffee Shop

#6 Kizler Coffee

Kizler Coffee

330 Palmetto Ave. #D
Pacifica, CA
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Contact: 650-451-3680



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Date Visited: September 11, 2019

After walking around the streets of Pacifica searching for the ocean on a chilly September day, I had no luck, the fog was too thick. I popped open my phone in search of my newest destination, Kizler Coffee. This coffee shop comes in hot with a 4.6 rating and 97 reviews. I drove half a mile down the street and came across a busy parking lot. Here sits Kizler Coffee. 

I circled the lot twice and found a perfect spot on the side street with a two-hour parking sign, bingo. Cracked my windows, grabbed my bag, and headed towards my most precious addiction, coffee.

This cafe is nestled in a little shopping center with a few other stores. Doors wide open and filled with natural light, I am digging the vibe already. Someone asks me, “Did you make that shirt?” and to his surprise, I did. I’m wearing one of my twelve shirts that say Find That Coffee. His name is Josh, super cool guy that just so happened to be the owner of this fine establishment. Josh was rocking his cute baby back and forth while letting me know everything about his shop. He was very proud of Kizler Coffee and has every right to be, incredibly cool spot. Josh, originally from Silver Spring, Maryland, took over the 19-year-old location about 5 years ago. He changed the name and made it personal.

Kizler Coffee supports local artists, a philosophy they stand by very highly. On the right wall, full of paintings and portraits, is a combination of work by 4 local artists. Over by the bar, you will find locally made stickers, jewelry, koozies, shirts, soap, and tons of other things tucked into the handmade wooden bar. The floor is concrete and the furniture is mostly recycled wood. Some tables have been designed, painted, and resined by a local artist as well. Josh’s hat and Nicole’s shirt (the barista) were both made by Oakland based artists. Josh talked more about his love to support local than trying to sell me on the coffee. That told me a lot about him and his love for the community. Respect.

I stepped up to the counter where Nicole nicely took my order and poured me a fresh cup of coffee. I guess Josh knew he didn’t need to say anything about the coffee, it tasted good. I sat down near the window and looked around. Screen printed t’s, succulents for sale, awesome animal sketches, recycled wood pallets everywhere, and an open unfinished ceiling. I was digging this place, very much my style. The walls were painted in solid colors to prepare for rotating artwork. Josh even told me they open the place up now and then to allow artists to come in and have full art shows. It obviously has a huge impact on the art world. I hope these photos capture the aesthetic Kizler Coffee gives off. Come check it out!

You know what time it is. Time to rank the bathroom. The bathroom gets 10/10, it did its job. Had an awesome display of artwork on the wall as well. Josh even went as far as painting the mirror to match the vibe of the place. Soft toilet paper, clean toilet, good smelling soap, and paper towels. I was pleased.

Coffee Shop

#5 Chit-Chat Cafe

Chit Chat Cafe

5 W. Manor Dr.
Pacifica, CA
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Contact: 650-738-2380


IG @chitchatcafepacifica

Date Visited: September 11, 2019

Just waking up, rolling over to see the bright Safeway sign beaming back at me through the curtains of my conversion van. Cars bustling by and the world beginning to wake up. Debating whether or not to slam my face back in the pillow or get up for the long day ahead. Slid the covers back, let out one of those amazing morning growls, let the day begin. 

Packed my toothbrush, my favorite boxers, T-shirt, and pants. Why pants you ask. Well, it’s currently 62 degrees on the coast of Pacifica, California. Feels like winter compared to the 91 degrees I’m coming from just 23 days ago in Maryland. Made my way into Safeway, oh the joys of van life. Washed up and got ready for the day.

Hopped in the van while dodging some of the sketchiest stares I’ve gotten in the last 3 weeks. The back of this parking lot made me very uncomfortable. Googled coffee shops and the first one I stumbled upon was Chit-Chat Coffee with a rating of 4.4 and 243 reviews, less than a quarter of a mile away. Well, I need something to warm up, so I was on my way.



Across the street from the local Post Office, sits Chit-Chat Coffee. Almost 75% of the windows looking out towards the ocean. This was like walking into your grandparents living room, and I mean that in the best way. It was super cozy, a bit cluttered behind the counter but they offer everything from what I can see. I counted over 28 different syrup flavors for making their signature drinks. If you plan to visit in the later afternoon, there is a beer menu consisting of eights beers, two wines, and a delicious-sounding mimosa. Three boards consisting of delicious sandwich options and most of all, a large board full of delightful coffee options. After scanning the menus, you could say my mood was pretty high, the prices were very fair.

The barista popped up and nicely greeted me. I was in no hurry today plus it was early in the morning, no one wanted to be awake. Ordered a medium coffee and headed over to the coffee bar. Staring at my six options of brews. I went back and asked the guy what brew he recommended right now and he told me “Dark French.” Good call, it was tasty. added a splash of half-and-half to it and made my way to the comfy bench in the back. 

There’s such a good vibe in this place. Everyone seems happy and enjoying life. Maybe it’s a Wednesday thing but I’m not entirely sure. The lady to my right is cranking out work emails and the man on my left is playing some motorcycle game on his laptop. People trickling in and out, like ants getting sugar and then off they go. 

Out of nowhere walks the happiest man I’ve seen all morning. Meet Paul, super sarcastic and full of energy. He had to be the owner, and boy was I right. Come to find out that Chit-Chat coffee has been around for 17-18 years. It’s a very local spot, not attracting many tourists with Starbucks up the road. But he was thrilled I stopped in. He told me if the fog wasn’t so thick right now, that I would be able to whale watch right from the cafe. And even cooler is the fact that a lot of musicians and artists roll into this spot. He left me in a much better mood than when I came in, a for sure place to check out.

And I know you’re curious, the bathroom situation gets a personal rating of a 9/10. A bit dark and nothing special, but it has a mirror, soap, loaded with tp, and clean lid! Nature wasn’t calling right now, but if it had, this was the place to be. Cheers!