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#18 Toby’s Coffee Bar

Toby’s Coffee Bar

11250 CA-1
Point Reyes Station, CA
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Contact: 415-663-1223



Date Visited
: September 18, 2019

Driving through the little town of Point Reyes you’ll find Toby’s Coffee bar. Pulled into a spot right next to a gorgeous white Volkswagen Westfalia. That alone puts a smile on every van lifer’s face. I couldn’t wait to get a coffee now and imagine myself in it.

I jumped out of the van and discovered a very neat window-serve coffee bar. Toby’s offered coffees, teas, and a variety of sweet & savory pastries. I got a heavenly cup of coffee to start my day. A fun little fact is that they are a cash-only coffee shop, good thing I had a few ones on me. It was located inside of a giant feed barn. I guess it was the time of year, but the flies were driving me crazy.

I was pleased that the barista was so kind and helpful in taking my order. She told me that Toby’s Coffee Bar has been here for about 10 years. Serving the locals daily and everyone always knows each other. The owner of this coffee shop, Christian Caiazzo, also owns a small-town restaurant down the street called Osteria Stellina. They have a national reputation for serving rustic delicious meals made strictly from the freshest ingredients available. She said he might be there right now, so I left to go see if I could find him.

Walking down the streets of this fun little town, I found Stellina. Ivy wrapped windows, beautifully decorated walls, and white cloth napkins. I asked for Christian but he happened to be out at the moment. This is when I met Omar, he has helped run both places for many years. He said that they strive to make sure everything at Toby’s is homemade and organic, including the coffee. Even the milk used for the coffee is locally sourced. I was very pleased to come across such a cool coffee spot, today helped reassure me why I’m on this journey.

There wasn’t a bathroom directly next to Toby’s Coffee Bar but it was located somewhere in Toby’s Point Reyes Station. I never visited it, but I’m sure it was fine. For that, I’ll give them a 7/10.