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#15 Chalos

Chalos Shop

2240 Taraval St.
San Francisco, CA
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Contact: 415-562-7752


IG @chalos.sf

Date Visited: September 17, 2019

Rise and shine my friends! This is the place to be. Full of sunshine and good vibes. Even their mugs says Good Mornin’! I was walking down the street in the Sunset District of San Francisco when I came across Chalos. I think it was my love for graphic design that connected with Chalos. They nailed the colors, font, and layout. I had to go in and check it out, plus empanadas and churros at a coffee shop, I couldn’t wait.

Before I could even get through their front door, the specials menu had my mouth watering. I now had huge expectations, really hoping I wouldn’t be let down. The inside was full of raw woodcut tables, clean white walls, and sweet retro lighting. The menu was huge, you will not go hungry. Between the pastries, toast, sandwiches, and churros, my morning was about to get so much better. Not to mention, the coffee menu was full of options. After reading all fifteen options of empanadas, I was afraid the barista was going to mistake my stomach growl for my order. I decided to go with a medium coffee and empanadas number 4 and 13. The barista was kind enough to follow up with me and to ask which ones I would like fried or baked.

Picked up my fresh brew that had the most delicious smell. But I needed to let it sit and cool, it was hot! This roast was made by a pretty well-known company called Sight Glass. I hadn’t had it till right now, but it tasted very smooth. Then my empanadas were ready and I couldn’t wait to dig in. The one I had fried was #13 which consisted of mushrooms, onions, and mozzarella cheese. I had #4 baked, this one was full of chicken, tomatoes, onions, and red bell peppers. Oh, my expectations were fully succeeded!

This little coffee shop was sweet, very minimal but set up for a large group of people to come in and read, study, catch-up, or meet for a wonderful first date. The color scheme just put me in the best mood, I had to find out more. This is when I became friends with Eric, the barista. Chalos is 5 months old and serves Argentinian style empanadas and churros. He informed me about the “Chalos Special.” This drink consists of cold brew coffee, an original Mexican Coca-Cola, fresh whipped cream, and cherries. Damn, sounds good, promised him I’d get it the next time I came through. This coffee shop makes it very high on my list, they did a great job of maxing out my expectations. Worth a visit!

Before Chalos was here, it was an Irish style restaurant. Dark and dingy, not terrible, but very different than this coffee shop. They did a lot of renovations to completely change this vibe of this place. But the part that cracked me up was the bathroom at the end of the bowling alley hallway. Small restroom but it had everything you needed and for that, it gets a 10/10. I found it very cool how the bathroom was fully lit by the massive skylight in the ceiling, I didn’t even need to turn the light on.

Coffee Shop

#14 Java Beach Cafe

Java Beach Cafe

2650 Sloat Blvd.
San Francisco, CA
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Contact: 415-731-2965


IG @javabeachsf


Date Visited
: September 16, 2019

What do you call a sad cup of coffee?
A depresso

Well, I was definitely not depressed! I parked right in front of Java Beach Cafe and headed in for a quick cup of coffee. This was a pretty large cafe and full of people. The inside is very reminiscent of the wooden beach cafes you may find on the East Coast. Wooden floors, tables, chairs, doors, and window frames. The windows were propped wide to let fresh air in. I really enjoyed all the sunlight coming in. Great place to sit and envision the wonderful day ahead.

I stepped up to the counter and conducted a quick interview knowing how busy everyone is. I was happy to learn that they roast their own beans because there were a bunch! Java Beach has been a staple in the community for well over 25 years, now that’s something to be proud of. There are people that have come back time and time again. This location that I’m at is actually only 10-11 years old but their older location is right up the road a few blocks. I enjoyed how friendly and willing the baristas were to answer my questions. My last question was, “Which roast would you recommend?” And Bella the barista responded, “Mix Colombian and Bernie’s Blend together, it tastes really good.”

I took my coffee cup over to the coffee bar and poured the barista’s recommendation with a splash of half-and-half. She was right, this is a very flavorful brew. This put a big smile on my face, I walked around and checked out the rest of the cafe. A fun set of artwork by Emily Fromm filled the walls, I couldn’t stop looking at them to see if I recognized some of the streets in San Francisco. Headed back to the front to scan their menu and found some delicious options for breakfast, sandwiches, hot subs, and salads. On the other side of the counter was a glass case full of fresh pastries. I couldn’t resist the classic blueberry muffin, quick snack before exploring more of San Francisco. Perfect place for a coffee or a wonderful place to come sit and enjoy the day, inside or outside.

The bathroom was nothing special but it has everything you need and for that, it gets a 10/10. Perfectly matched the coziness the cafe gave off and has a really cool California Cruis’n print on the wall. This place is worth checking out, come visit!

Coffee Shop

#13 Andytown Coffee Roasters

Andytown Coffee Roasters

3629 Taraval St.
San Francisco, CA
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Contact: 415-571-8052


IG @andytownsf

Date Visited: September 16, 2019

More than a tiny hole in the wall. Andytown was a beautifully designed and constructed coffee shop a block from the beach. White walls, wood, and a very unique decorative tree coming out of the wall. It was designed as a friendly grab-and-go style neighborhood coffee shop. There is plenty of seating out back on the patio, but they don’t offer wifi. Great place to disconnect from the real-world and relax with a cup of coffee.

Andytown has tons of coffee options to fill everyone’s needs. Their most popular drink is the Snowy Plover – The Original Bird. This is their signature espresso cream soda with brown sugar syrup, soda water, topped with their homemade whipped cream. And for the non-coffee drinkers, they have tons of tea, matcha, and hot cocoa.

A great little place, super minimal! I ordered a drip coffee of their Wind & Sea blend. I loved the flavor! And whoever went for coffee the night before must’ve also enjoyed it, it appears to have knocked their shoes off! There was a pair of heels sitting on the bench out front LOL. If you plan to visit this location, tell Asia I said hi. She is the manager on duty at this location, super friendly and knowledgeable.

The bathroom gets a 10/10. Super clean and supplied with everything you may need. Something I happened to find cool was the Tetris pattern that wraps around the wall.

Coffee Shop

#12 Avenues


3606 Taraval St.
San Francisco, CA
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Contact: 415-702-9198



Date Visited: September 16, 2019

Into Surfing? Are you in San Francisco? This is the place for you. The Avenue has everything you need before or after your surf session. From the outside, you’ll see a nice bench area, black paint, and a large window looking into the shop. This place is the perfect blend of minimalism, rustic, and surfing. Walking in you’ll see white walls stretching to the back, wooden shelving, and surfboard racks. I was digging it.

This is when I met Andrew, the barista who was manning the counter. He wanted to know if I was in the mood for coffee or tea. I told him I was a coffee-guy and he began raving about the roast they carry, they are serving Verve coffee. This is a well-known brand out of Santa Cruz, California. I was intrigued so I ordered a cup of their fresh brew. This roast was super smooth and perfectly nourished my craving.

Andrew began to ask about the meaning of my Find That Coffee shirt and what I was up to. I told him I was traveling to discover cool shops like this. He began to tell me all about the Avenue, it’s one and a half years old and has been doing really well. They teamed up with a company called AWAYCO that always people to rent surfboards. The majority of the boards in the back are in fact rentals but some are also for sale. Such a cool concept for people traveling through, it was my first time learning about this company.

I was staring at the food in the case and was curious of sushi burrito looking meal. Andrew informed me it’s called Musubi, a dish that originated from the troops in Hawaii during World War 2. It is a popular snack that is composed of a slice of grilled spam or tofu, in a block of rice, wrapped together in seaweed. Sounds pretty good but I had to pass for 10:00 in the morning. They also served avocado toast and pastries if you’re hungry, everything is made inhouse. Sweet little spot on Taraval street, definitely check it out.

The bathroom was simple yet perfect. I’ll give them a 10/10. Cool hexagonal floor tiles, white walls, and wooden mirror. I dig it.

Coffee Shop

#3 Antigua Coffee Shop

Antigua Coffee Shop

1131 Taraval St.
San Francisco, CA
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Contact: 415-683-3259



IG @antiguacoffeeshop

Date Visited: September 8, 2019

Strolling down Taraval Street in the Sunset District of San Francisco you will find a gem called Antigua Coffee Shop. The small shop has a booth against the window, a long booth down the wall, and one little table. Full of red clay and green colored walls, an exposed cement floor, and accompanying granite countertops. Latin music played overhead tying together the ambiance. I have to say, it was clean and the baristas were very friendly. They told me that this cafe was 7 years old with strong Guatemalan roots.

Their most popular drinks are lattes, matcha, and Mexican Mocha. The mocha is made with real Mexican chocolate. With that, I had to order a latte to see what all the talk was about! Then, my stomach growled so I knew it was time to grab lunch. I went with a turkey pesto sandwich because I was starving! Normally this would have been a chicken pesto sandwich but they were out of chicken so she suggested replacing it with turkey, it tasted better in her opinion. She was right, definitely get it!

This little shop has everything you would need. Come in for some tasty pastries, good coffee, and scrumptious sandwiches! Need a place to do your homework? Great! They have wifi. Going on a date? Great! Nice and cozy. Want a smile on your face? Great! Very nice baristas. Cheers!

I hate to inform you, but there is no public restroom. A real bummer because I really enjoyed this cafe.

Coffee Shop

#1 Trouble Coffee

Trouble Coffee

4033 Judah St.
San Francisco, CA
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Contact: 415-682-4732



Date Visited: September 7, 2019

If you want a story to tell visit Trouble Coffee Co! I brought my two friends along to experience this well-known coffee shop with me. Levi has been here before but it was Christie and I’s first time. Parked a few blocks away on this foggy morning. Stood in line with quite the caffeine-dependent crowd!

A tiny little spot with a cute book store was right next door. They had to put the condiment bar outside, that’s how packed this coffee shop was! We got in line about 15 people deep, but they were slinging java so it moved quickly. We grabbed a menu to be prepared the second we got to the counter. It was filled with many delicious items and I wanted everything!

I ordered a latte and a huge slice of banana bread with chocolate chips. Out of nowhere, three stools opened up and we hopped on them! There was nowhere to stand inside without blocking traffic. We sat at a beautiful wooden bar that ran across the cafe. White walls and punk rock posters were everywhere. Neon lights blaring TROUBLE coffee in the front window. Inside Trouble you’ll find skateboards on the shelf, motorcycle helmet, and a trumpet. There is a very fun vibe place.

They were hollering people’s orders. They screamed out, “Levi!” and we waved the kid down. Here comes the prettiest PB & Banana & Honey piece of toast I’ve ever seen in my life. There were easily 40 people at this exact moment waiting and of course, the drip brew coffee maker breaks. Each barista was doing their special magic touch on the machine. Some customers were getting very frustrated but there wasn’t anything the guys could do. The punk music was blasting, and the espresso machine screaming from the steamed milk. It was quite a fast-paced experience. My latte was delicious and the banana bread was to die for so I left very happy.

As far as a bathroom… you’re **** out of luck ha ha.