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#63 3 Cups

3 Cups

4670 Holladay Village Plaza #104
Holladay, UT
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Contact: 385-237-3091

IG @3_cups_coffee

Date Visited: November 1, 2019

Have you ever walked into a coffee shop and immediately felt like you found a good one? Well, that’s exactly how I felt walking into 3 Cups in Holladay, Utah. This place was huge, yet clean and minimal at the same time. Skimming the surface you’d look around and say, “What could be so fascinating about white walls, concrete floors, and all this space?” Oh man, would you be mistaken!


This coffee shop pulled the blinders off for me. Everything in this coffee shop was done intentionally, making this one of my top favorite coffee shops. Very similar to a shop if I ever decided to open one. During my entire interview, this was never said out loud, but I could tell everything had a purpose. The owners built and designed 3 Cups for the coffee shop customer first and everything else followed. And by followed I don’t mean that anything fell behind with less value. The customers’ wants led the way on this build.

When the last customer in line ordered I made my way up to the counter to greet the barista taking orders. I explained to her what I was doing and she smiled, turned around, tapped on a tall gentleman’s shoulder, and said, “This is who you’d like to meet.” This was Derek, the owner of 3 Cups. The barista taking orders was Sarah and the barista slinging drinks was Brent’lee. They were pumped that I happened to stop by and share this experience with them. I was even more excited because they were eager to tell me about the shop. At this point, all I saw were those “white walls, concrete floors, and tons of space.” I was about to have my mind blown after learning just how cool this place truly was.

(Left: Brent'lee Center: Derek Right:Sarah)

Community Building

The biggest take away from my interview was the word “community.” Everything seemed to branch off this word. This place was practically built for it. The massive space allows customers to spread out, work, hangout, and enjoy their days together. They even placed signs on their tables asking single customers to share tables, allowing strangers to enjoy a coffee together. 3 Cups has a sign that reads, “We love encouraging community and hope to always be the kind of place that makes room for everyone.” Maybe you don’t want to chat, but it allows someone to come over and share a booth with you and that alone is motivating. It’s like the feeling I get when someone gets on the treadmill next to me; now I really have to work!

They’ve been serving up coffee to the community for almost four years and they aren’t leaving anytime soon! They encourage you to use this space to get work done with their free WIFI, meet clients, or hang with friends. If you like the spot and need some room, you can reserve tables out for business meetings. And if you want to celebrate you can rent it out for meetings, workshops, book clubs, holiday or birthday celebrations, they have the perfect space for you.

Speaking of workshops, they offer some pretty great ones. This goes back to the whole community-focused mission of this coffee shop. They offer all sorts of workshops so be sure to check their website or bulletin board for more information. Right now on their website, they are advertising wreath building, leather journal making, delicate arch embroidery, and even a (monthly) wine tasting workshop. 3 Cups works with do-ers in the area that would like to teach an art or craft and helps coordinate the rest. There are, of course, workshops on coffee too. They did warn me that the workshops do sell out quickly – better hurry! Click on the link workshop to see what’s going on.

The Coffee

This was a prime choice: 3 Cups uses Blue Copper and La Barba as their roasters. Derek treated me to a coffee and I knew my day couldn’t get much better than this. Both of these roasters make some dang-good coffee. I was pleased to see that 3 Cups goes the extra mile to stamp their 3 logo on every cup. While I was walking around sipping my coffee I glanced over their merch wall, I mean I had to… 3 is one of my favorite numbers. I came across their own “vanilla latte” scented air fresheners and I don’t know why but it cracked me up, how genius. On my way out Derek insisted I take one to hang in the van. Get one – it smells amazing!

The Food

This wasn’t your average coffee shop style food. They have hired some outstanding chefs to create some amazing food back in that kitchen. Derek told me how important it is to him to balance high-quality coffee with high-quality food. They make all their food in-house. Some examples include gourmet toasts, acai bowls, cakes, cookies, scones, burrito bowls, and best of all gelato! There were 10 different flavors of gelato when I was there and you can even order it smashed between two fresh cookies! If you want to see some real food porn, check out their Instagram @3_cups_coffee and be sure to give them a follow.

The Bathroom

The bathroom was clean, fully stocked, and had tons of room. No complaints, I think they should slap a 3 up on the wall though. For this I will rank it an 8/10.

Coffee Shop

#62 Cupla Coffee

Cupla Coffee

175 W 200 S
Salt Lake City, UT
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Contact: 385-207-8362


IG @cuplacoffeehouse

Date Visited: November 1, 2019

Welcome to your home away from home!

Step into Cupla Coffee in Salt Lake City, Utah, where you’ll not only find friendly people and flavorful pastries but some rich coffee as well. It was the day after Halloween and I was in dire need for a good cup of joe to wake me up before heading east on my road trip. While interviewing other coffee shops in SLC I was asked quite a few times if I’d been to Cupla Coffee and met “the twins.” A twin-owned coffee shop?! Sounds pretty unique if you ask me. My Dad’s a twin and it would be the coolest thing to see him and my uncle serve coffee and breakfast every day… they’ve talked about it!

I made my way downtown and spotted the Cupla Bakery & Cafe sign. I walked into the Axis Building, to the left, and down the stairs to the basement: welcome to Cupla Coffee. My first basement coffee shop experience; it was super cool! In the “living room” there are tons of chairs to sit on, tables to work at, benches, a book library, and of course the classic coffee shop game of checkers. I loved the industrial look of concrete floors mixed with hardwood, pipe ceilings, and exposed brick.

I made my way through the doorway into the cafe, which was one of the cutest small coffee shops I’ve been in. I was standing below the giant street-level windows which filled the shop with natural light from above. There was a bench made of artificial grass, a full coffee bar, and a minimalist coffee menu.

Have you ever met someone and wondered to yourself “WOW! Have I been friends with this person for years?” That’s how it was introducing myself to Abby and Madi. They were so thrilled about Find That Coffee. Abby hyped me up so much I could feel dopamine flooding my brain! Abby was one of the twins that owned and operated Cupla; unfortunately, Beth, the roaster and fellow twin, had just left before I arrived. Madi is their one and only superstar barista and friend.

The Coffee

Every good conversation starts with a good cup of coffee. So I ordered a latte for a change and began tossing questions at them. Madi served me a gorgeous latte with great art on top in a nice glass mug. It somehow tasted even better than it looked. Later on, I ordered a regular coffee as well to really experience both fancy and plain. Their drip coffee was so full of flavor that I didn’t need to add anything to it. Beth – great job roasting! We will have to cheers to your coffee next time I’m in Salt Lake City.

The Food

There were tons of enticing pastries on the counter. I caved for a thick slice of banana bread. Abby makes all of the pastries fresh and makes sure there are paleo, vegan, and keto options available. This banana bread was amazing! They warmed it up a little bit and added a pat of butter; my goodness, I was in heaven! 

Their Story

The word cupla means “twin” in Irish-Gaelic. Cupla Coffee has been proudly serving for the past two years and hopes to expand in the future. **As of May 30, 2020, they did! Cupla Coffee now has a new location in Cottonwood Heights. Congratulations!** There were a few major turning points that led them to where they are now. Beth and Abby were raised Mormon but ventured outside the religion and tried coffee. They fell in love with it. The twins picked up jobs serving coffee. If you’ve worked in coffee, you know the days are long and high speed. Life happened and before they knew it Beth and Abby were only able to catch up over the phone, whilst driving home from work. It was tough, they wanted something that would allow them to hang out like they had in the past.


Abby recalled a story that was one of the key inspirers in their decision to start their own coffee shop. One day, Beth was working at a coffee shop when one of her regular customers came in. Unlike any time previously, he was quiet and seemed very distraught. She poured him his coffee and kindly asked him what was wrong. He confided in her that his wife had died the night before and all he wanted to do was have some normalcy so he came there for a cup of coffee. She walked over to him, gave him a hug, and sat with him for hours as he retold stories of his wife. They laughed, they cried, and she was truly there for him in his biggest time of need. Days later, the twins decided that owning a coffee shop, meeting people, and being there for people though coffee was their mission.


The twins love coffee and its power to connect people. It even reconnected them; owning a shop together allows them to spend tons of time together once again. Ultimately, they never have to dread going to “work” either. Abby does the baking and Beth does the roasting – they’re a coffee powerhouse! My biggest takeaway from this whole interview was when Abby told me that life is all about “living the moment.” This is what coffee means to them: it makes you stoked, gives you energy, and wakes you up, yet it allows you to stop for a moment as you savor it.

The Bathroom

The way the building is situated the bathrooms are upstairs on the main level. It was a little tricky for me to find, but they were clean and fully stocked. These are the bathrooms for the entire building so Cupla isn’t able to do any fun branding on the walls. For that, I am going to rank these bathrooms an 8/10.

Coffee Shop

#61 Coffee Garden

Coffee Garden

878 E 900 S
Salt Lake City, UT
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Contact: 801-355-3425


IG @coffeegardenslc

Date Visited: October 31, 2019

Last Halloween, 2019, was one I’ll always remember! I had already interviewed five coffee shops and was headed back to my friend’s apartment for the day, but I spotted tons of people and the word “coffee.” The sun was beginning to set, hundreds of Halloween monsters began flooding the streets. It’s always fun to be somewhere new for Halloween because every town has its unique way of celebrating. The shops were handing out candy to every kid that approached them, everyone was having a blast. I carefully parked my van, grabbed my notebook, and headed to Coffee Garden.

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays with friends and family, so I figured exploring a coffee shop in a new town was the next best thing. This place was packed full of adults, kids, and monsters! I loved Coffee Garden’s logo of a little person with a coffee mug as the head!  Before heading inside I just had to pet the cutest German Shepherd with a Halloween bandana.

I headed through the front door where I was greeted by the nicest group of people and offered some Halloween goodies. This coffee shop was huge, high ceilings, tons of seating, and full of beautiful artwork covering the walls. I made my way towards the counter and got in line. While I was waiting patiently, this friendly couple behind me asked me about my Find That Coffee t-shirt. I looked up to discover the real-life Maleficent behind me. This is when I met Nattalie and Gordon, one of the friendliest couples I met all day. I told them all about my travels and where I was headed, they enjoyed meeting me so much that they insisted on treating me to a drink. Since it was the end of a very long day I opted for a hot chocolate. I later learned that it comes topped with Coffee Garden’s homemade whipped cream. If the two of you happen to be reading this, thank you again!

I walked around the coffee shop and enjoyed my hot chocolate, it was one of the tastiest ones I’ve ever had. I know it wasn’t coffee but it was still delicious, I’m a sucker for chocolate. This coffee shop was lined with Cafe Ibis coffee beans and amazing artwork. The paintings were done by Lou Ann Reineke and her bio stated, “Loosely based on a black and white photo or remnant of a landscape sketch or no reference at all.” The sentence that resonated with me the most said, “The resulting visual dialogue can take you somewhere that you never intended to go.” I really connected to this sentence in comparison to my travel plans for Find That Coffee. The visual dialogue of interviewing and telling my story of coffee shops around the country has led me to places I never intended to go, such as Salt Lake City, but I am very grateful for the way this keeps evolving. I have attached more photos of her artwork at the bottom of the page and here is a link to her Behance.

When the rush of customers began to slow down I headed back up to the counter and introduced myself to the barista, Joe, I told him about everything I was doing. He absolutely loved the idea and told me to start firing off my questions. Coffee Garden is 25 years old, the art on the walls changes every month, and their roaster is Cafe Ibis. They play a lot of classical music because people will sit in here, hang out, and do work, they also offer free WIFI. The food is made inhouse which consists of quiche, sandwiches, pasta salad, and other great lunch-style meals. Be sure to check out the delectable pastries! Every barista had a smile on their face and you could tell just how much they enjoyed working here.

I did one more lap around the cafe when a customer named John stopped me and asked me, “Are you some sort of reporter or something?” I told him what I was doing and he really loved the idea. He told me how he frequents this place quite regularly and Coffee Garden is “the hangout.” His three words for this coffee shop were honest, organic, and connection. I totally agree, I felt all of these emotions even though I haven’t even been here for an hour. This is a picture of John below, really great guy. Please make sure to check this place out when you visit Salt Lake City and if you live nearby it’s totally worth exploring!

The Bathroom

The paper towels were overflowing in the trashcan but it was Halloween and extremely crowded, yet the bathroom was still very clean. It was fully stocked and the soap dispenser had been refilled. I wish they put some cool art or their logo on the wall. I am going to rank this bathroom a 7.5/10.

Lou Ann Reineke

Coffee Shop

#60 Cafe Gebo

Cafe Gebo

673 E Simpson Ave. S
Salt Lake City, UT
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Contact: 801-487-0980


IG @cafegebo

Date Visited: October 31, 2019

Wouldn’t it be cool to mix a coffee cafe with a shop that sells hand-crafted and unique gift items from all over the world? Well, I found it! It was the afternoon of Halloween in Salt Lake City, Utah, when I had a sudden urge for coffee. I decided I was going to go check out Cafe Gebo. The barista at Greenhouse Effect, Anna, had recommended this coffee shop. She told me, “There’s coffee and stones if you’re into that kind of thing.”

The Coffee

I headed inside and was quickly amazed by the size of this place! Turned right and there I was, standing in Cafe Gebo. A few people were trickling out, some people were holding a coffee and one had a smoothie. There were tons of neat lights, decorated tables, and paintings on the walls. I stepped up to the counter and ordered a small coffee. Before I could properly introduce myself, the barista, Addi, was complimenting my Find That Coffee t-shirt. She handed me my coffee and was very impressed by everywhere I’ve been so far in Salt Lake City. She proudly informed me that the delicious coffee I was drinking comes from Caffe Ibis Coffee Roasting Company from Logan, Utah.

Addi was extremely friendly and helpful while I fired questions off at her. If she is working when you visit please tell her I say hello. Fun fact, Cafe Gebo used to be called Cafe Solstice for the past 10 years, but as of 4 months ago from Halloween 2019, it has since changed names. Cafe Gebo shares the same roof with Dancing Crane Imports, an awesome store full of worldly treasures, I will cover them later on in this article. Customers will come here to meet friends, relax, or work on their computer. And yes, they do offer free WIFI to customers. The music was great when I was there, very relaxing. Don’t forget, when you bring your own mug or glass you will receive 20% off of your order.

The Food

Cafe Gebo offers tons of amazing food options. Everything they serve is at least vegetarian and many of the food items are vegan. The pastries are vegan and gluten-free, WOW they looked good!

There are some fun unique things Cafe Gebo does that makes them stand out from other coffee shops I’ve been to so far. First, they make a different flavored muffin each morning, being both homemade and organic. Second, they offer a special drink daily. The day I was there the specialty drink was The Samhain Chai Latte; housemade cinnamon apple spice syrup, Sattwa Chai, shots of espresso, and your choice of milk. Third, they offer three different food specials every week. That day the specials happened to be roasted ginger carrot soup and tomato pesto pizza, YUM! And I was happy to learn that they were both vegan options.

Dancing Crane Imports

This is the shop right next to the coffee shop. Full of so many wonderful things such as crystals, clothing, drums, bowls, and many other holistic and spiritual items. There was even a massive koi pond in the middle of the store with some gorgeous crane sculptures. You could spend hours walking around enjoying your coffee and feeling zen. I browsed the glass cases full of crystals, gems, and other rocks.

Out of nowhere, these little energy bead bracelets caught my eye. I asked the girl behind the counter, Jessie, for some assistance on each stone and what it means. I told Jessie what I was doing and all about my travels. She told me how she lived in an RV and she too has traveled, you just never know how cool people are until you introduce yourself. She helped me pick out two bracelets that will help keep me grounded and safe during my travels. Fun fact, I have never taken them off to this day. Click here to go to their WebsiteFacebook, or IG @Dancingcranesimports.

Before I was leaving Jessie jokingly asked if I wanted any Halloween candy. I told her I would love some and she hands me a baggy of candy rocks(Picture Above). These have to be the most authentic-looking rock candy I have ever seen. I was so nervous they might’ve mixed them up or a little kid put regular stones back in the pile. I really didn’t want to crack a tooth on Halloween! Definitely add both of these places to your coffee-shop bucket list!

The Bathroom

The bathroom was super clean, but I was really hoping they would have had some spiritual designs on the walls. Though it was fully stocked with paper towels and toilet paper, I am going to rank this an 8/10.

Coffee Shop

#59 Greenhouse Effect Coffee and Crepes

Greenhouse Effect

3231 S 900 E
Millcreek, UT
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Contact: 801-466-3273

IG @greenhousecoffeeandcrepes

Date Visited: October 31, 2019

It was Halloween and wherever I went people would ask me if I checked out Greenhouse Effect Coffee and Crepes yet. I knew today had to be it, I could sense it. I was in Millcreek, UT navigating my way through the streets. Everyone had directed me, “Make a right at the 7-Eleven.” There it was, right behind it. Greenhouse Effect looked like a house out of a children’s fairytale.

I headed under the archway, through the patio, and made my way inside. This place was the ultimate getaway from reality, I could really envision sitting out on that patio without a worry in the world. When I came in I was greeted by a pirate! Argh! Just kidding, this was Anna, the barista. I told her what I was doing and apologized for my lack of a costume. She asked me if I would like her to get a drink started. I replied, “Sure, whatever you recommend I am down to order.”

A few minutes later Anna called me back to the counter with the most delicious Chai-tea Latte. She asked me what I thought and I told her how freaking good it tasted. She told me that they make their chai entirely from scratch and take a lot of pride in it. I know I’m the coffee guy but I am fully endorsing this Chai-tea when you visit Greenhouse Effect.

Anna told me Greenhouse Effect is 20 years old and this is the only location. Tons of people come here to hang with friends, relax on the patio, or do homework and make use of the free WIFI. There are couches, tables, board games, comfy chairs, and books. They served Rimini Coffee Roasters. Their most popular drink is called the Baby Geezus which is a coconut and lavender mocha. Sounds pretty tasty, I plan to try it the next time I visit.


Greenhouse Effect Coffee and Crepes is one with the community and customers that visit. They didn’t state this anywhere and Anna didn’t tell me directly. But I could tell from walking around the shop. They offer a cork board for locals to post things going on and coming up; there were tons of band and concert flyers. In the back, they offered a book library. And they displayed a huge amount of art on the walls from artists such as Michael McQueen, Alex Walker, Tantric Tara, Jamie Adam, and Sage Bernier. Every Sunday is open mic, which consists of comedy, poetry, and just about anything else you can imagine.

The Food

This coffee shop has some great food options. Tons of delicious homemade breads and biscotti. You might even get lucky and snag a sample from the plate when you’re there. Treat yourself to the Tiramisu or rice pudding! I wish I had ordered either one when I was there, they looked amazing. But that’s not all! They specialize in crepes, with over eight sweet crepes and 11 savory crepes, you can not go wrong!


Right before I left Anna picked up two tickets that were laying on the counter and handed them to me. She told me that there was a Halloween party in town and that I should find a friend to go and celebrate. Super thoughtful of her and I really appreciated the heads up.

I did end up going to that dance party that night and my friend joined me. We had a ton of fun dancing around like fools. All I had in the van was a silly Find That Coffee button-up, but I rocked it and told everyone I was dressed as a barista. A fun spur-of-the-moment type of adventure.

The Bathroom

The bathroom was spooky but fun. This was the first black porcelain toilet I encountered on my trip. There was a lady made out of wire hanging from a tree that was mounted to the wall – left me with so many questions. It was a clean bathroom but I would love to see more paintings and decoration on the walls, I would rank this bathroom an 7/10.

The Art

Alex Walker

Michael McQueen

Jamie Adam

Sage Bernier

Tantric Tara

Coffee Shop

#58 Bad Ass Coffee

Bad Ass Coffee

3530 State St.
Salt Lake, UT
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Contact: 801-265-1182


IG @badasscoffeeslc


Date Visited: October 31, 2019

I found my first palm tree in a coffee shop! Believe it or not, it was in the middle of Salt Lake City, Utah! I was stoked to check this coffee shop out, I mean it’s called Bad Ass Coffee, it had to be good. I pulled up to this giant barn-style building and I spotted a statue of a donkey on the roof. I parked my car and headed inside with no expectations and no prior review.


This coffee shop is huge! Massive ceiling, tons of murals, lots of places to sit, and a PALM TREE! The barista was helping a customer so I went to look around. I loved it – beach vibes in the middle of Utah. It was so my style. It was October 31st, and I had just teleported to Hawaii! There were Leis, donkey mugs with Santa hats, a surfboard, and sand! Then I found a plaque that said:

“The Native people of Kona, Hawaii remember the days of the “Bad Ass Ones.” The bellows of the donkeys could be heard echoing through the mountains as they hauled the heavy loads of coffee up and down the mountainside. In honor of these hard-working donkeys, we named our coffee company. The legend of the Kona Nightingale lives on right here at The Bad Ass Coffee Company.”

The Coffee

I got in line and wished the barista a happy Halloween. Her name was Shelby and she has been slinging coffee here for over two years. I told her where I’ve been and what I was up to. She told me I was allowed to take pictures and to let her know if I had any questions. I decided to order a small drip-coffee and she informed me that this coffee is from Kona. I have actually been to the Big Island of Hawaii before in 2017 and this is where I first tried coffee believe it or not. Kona coffee is grown on the volcanic mountainside, which makes for its own unique characteristics. Kona coffee is known as being one of the most flavorful and sought after coffees in the world. The coffee was delicious and just as I remembered. I smiled in between every sip!

Need a place to hang?

This is the spot! Bad Ass Coffee offers free WIFI and a variety of places to sit, study, and relax. When I was there, I witnessed friends catching up, a date, and people studying for what appeared to be an exam. Shelby told me this coffee shop is almost 27 years old and the most popular drink right now is the Bad Ass Mocha. And if you’re in a hurry, need not worry, there is a drive-thru as well. All of a sudden a friendly bald-headed guy walked out of the back and Shelby said, “Hey! Meet the owner, Mike.” He was a super-friendly guy and he truly cares about serving good coffee and making sure everyone is happy.


There are some hilarious murals on the walls. For instance, there is one of Marilyn Monroe saying, “Oh baby you’re so bad…” with a Bad Ass Logo tattooed on her shoulder. There are dolphins jumping out of coffee cups and even a John Wayne look-alike saying, “Hey pilgrim drink American coffee or get out of dodge.” Whoever the artist was did a phenomenal job!

The Food

There are a variety of food options and they are fairly inexpensive! They serve breakfast sandwiches, muffins, croissants, yogurt, bagels, and even vegan/gluten-free cookies. Don’t forget to order a delicious almond biscotti with your coffee as well! This place was great, a wonderful find in the middle of Salt Lake City.

The Bathroom

The bathrooms were both clean and neatly decorated. A few subtle posters and fully stocked of supplies. I really expected a giant donkey mural on the walls. I would rank these bathrooms an 7/10, great job!

Coffee Shop

#57 Bjorn’s Brew

Bjorn’s Brew

2165 State St.
South Salt Lake, UT
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Drive-thru Available

Contact: 801-935-4445


IG @bjornsbrew



Date Visited: October 31, 2019

Drink Coffee. Save Animals.

You should be saying, “Sorry, I have plans with my dog.” Then, head over to Bjorn’s Brew in Salt Lake City, UT, and treat yourselves. I was hooked the minute I saw the cute pup on their sign. I pulled in and parked, very excited to learn about them and try their coffee!

I was heading inside when I noticed their spacious patio. It was a chilly Halloween day but I’m sure it’s wonderful to sit here and relax in the summer. The inside was gorgeous and clean. You know the feeling when you walk into a high-end hotel lobby. They must’ve had a really good interior decorator in here because I was loving the minimalist yet cozy vibe. Full of polished wooden tables, large booths, tons of natural light, and tons of photos of dogs around the cafe. I even spotted a sign that read, “Trick or Treat for Kids: Enjoy a Hot Chocolate or Cold Chocolate Milk!!” I found this to be a very generous offer to the children stopping in.

I stepped up to the counter where I met Wayne Campbell from Wayne’s World and super-friendly pumpkin! Their real names were Rob and Sam, they were pretty stoked I was passing through. I swear they had a smile on their face the whole time and I could tell how much they love working here. Sam has been here since this location opened up in the summer of 2018. She ended up helping me with all of my questions and Rob held down the drive-thru so Sam wouldn’t be interrupted. They were a great duo and excellent baristas.

Sam told me that Bjorn’s Brew was started in 2008, but changed owners in 2014. Since then it has grown and even opened a second shop, the one we were standing in. It was named after the owner’s dog, Bjorn, an Australian Shepherd. Bjorn’s Brew is local and family-owned with a strong purpose to serve delicious quality coffee, all while donating proceeds to animal charities!

The Punch Card

Most coffee shops offer punch cards but these were a little different. When you reach 10 punches/purchases, Bjorn’s Brew makes a $1 donation to an animal charity in the area. Some of their main charities right now are Nuzzles & Co., Best Friends Animal Hospital, Street Dawg Crew of Utah, and Salt Lake County Animal Services. Here’s one of my favorite things I learned! In 2019, Bjorn’s Brew donated $14,877 to various animal charities! So, make sure you ask your barista for a punch card when you visit, and be sure to fill it up! The cards are valid at both of their locations and they are always looking for new charities to support so do not hesitate to reach out to them.

The Coffee

I ordered a regular cup of coffee and it was served in the cutest doggie mug. My coffee tasted exceptionally fresh so I went back up and asked Rob who their roaster was. He told me they use a local roaster called Meridian Coffee Company. They are out of Murray, Utah, and have been roasting since 1993. I discovered a plaque on the counter that awarded Bjorn’s Brew for the ‘2019 Best of South Salt Lake’ for Best Coffee. The most popular drink while I was there is called the Sinners Latte. This drink is a caramel,  hazelnut and vanilla latte with an extra shot of espresso.

The Gingerbread Cookie

Here is a fun fact I must include. They serve a gingerbread cookie with every coffee. It’s their signature move and even more impressive is the fact that it’s shaped like a dog treat, but let me reassure you on the taste. Hands down one of the best gingerbread cookies I’ve had in years! Are you worried your furry friends may feel left out? Don’t be, the baristas have real doggy bones ready to spoil your pup.

The Food

There is a great selection of cafe-style food options. The cases are full of yummy looking treats like danishes, muffins, and pumpkin bars. Another great option is the stuffed croissants which sounded amazing. For instance, you could have your croissant filled with; spinach feta, turkey pesto, or even chocolate. Also, the turkey melt on ciabatta sounded wonderful.

Pet of the Week

Bjorn’s Brew hosts a Pet of the Week contest. It is free to sign up and submit a picture of your pup. You will have a chance to have your canine companion featured for customers to enjoy and you will be given a Bjorn’s Brew Gift Card! I will have to submit this picture of my family’s dog, Belle, you would love her! Click here to submit your pup!

The Bathroom

The bathrooms were immaculate. There were two, they were fully stocked, and super clean. I really enjoyed the puppy pictures they had hanging in both bathrooms. Great job, I will be ranking these restrooms a perfect 10/10.

Coffee Shop

#56 Alchemy Coffee

Alchemy Coffee

390 E 1700 S
Salt Lake City, UT
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Contact: 801-322-0735




Date Visited: October 31, 2019

What do you do on Halloween?

I drive around looking for spooky coffee shops. Well, guess what, I found one, Alchemy Coffee, in Salt Lake City, Utah. This coffee shop had been suggested by a few of my followers via Instagram. They told me that it would not only be a great place to interview but also to hang out and relax due to its cozy vibe and the “comfiest couches.” I was pretty pumped to check it out and the weather was amazing considering I could see snow in the mountains. I’m from the East Coast so this was an absolutely beautiful change of scenery. I pulled up to the large gray building and headed inside.

First Impression

I didn’t know what to expect, the second I walked inside there were more fake skeletons and haunted-looking things than anywhere else in Utah. I’m exaggerating a little bit but right off the bat there were skulls on the service station, paintings of skeletons, and various fake bones scattered around the shop. The place did have a large number of couches as was described to me and there was a good amount of people here catching up, reading, and working on their laptops. A beautifully colored disco ball hung from the center of the room. Okay, I was digging this.

I got in line and was about to order a coffee since I was still waking up and didn’t know if I could interview them yet. Suddenly, the barista, Haley, says “sweet shirt” so I knew this was the perfect segway. I told her and the other barista, Shalyn, about my adventure so far and about some of the places I’ve been. Shalyn was rocking some awesome purple hair and they were both in the Halloween spirit. With smiles on their faces, I could tell that they had good-hearts as they asked everyone who stopped in how they were doing and if they had any Halloween plans. Next thing I know, Haley tells me to sit down at the counter and wants to know if I’ve had coffee yet today. I laughed and replied, “Nope, not yet.” She says, “Great! I hope you like red eyes!” For those of you that don’t know, a Red Eye is a coffee with a shot of espresso! My day was about to start right up!

Alchemy Coffee was 14 years old when I visited, but had its birthday on Feb 21st, 2020. Congratulations on 15 years! Jason is the owner of this cool establishment and he focuses on supporting the community and creating great connections. I asked where Jason may have come up with the name Alchemy Coffee. Haley and Shalyn said, “The owner believes that in order to prepare the ‘Golden Beverage’, there is magic in the process. Baristas are the coffee witches/alchemists that serve the community of coffee. They have to use their power and magic to create and craft what people desire.” Well said, just like that the interior of this place made perfect sense.

I had to ask, does the coffee shop always look spooky like this, or is this for Halloween? The baristas laughed and said, “Besides a few added pumpkins today, it’s always this cool and ghostly.” Which led me to my next question, I’m sure you can guess, “Is this place haunted?” Haley looked at Shalyn and they both cracked up in a nervous laugh and said, “All we can really say is that we’ve felt watched from the back wall in the backroom.” The ghost has to be friendly, there was nothing but happiness and good vibes in here.

Alchemy Coffee loves people and the community, and DOGS! They host an open mic night every Tuesday from 6 p.m. – 9 p.m. Alchemy has done after hour art shows as well and private events upon request. They made this a great place to hang out. There are tons of tables and chairs both inside and outside. There is even free WIFI to get some work done. And you’re in luck if you decide to stay and work; a drip mug to stay is only $0.93! After traveling the country, you can’t beat that!

As far as working here goes, it seemed pretty freaking great. Haley and Shalyn wouldn’t stop telling me how happy they were to be working here. They are given a lot of creative freedom to wear what they want and be their own person. When it comes to music, you might catch the baristas rocking a little bit of everything. Anywhere from ambient groovy dance to outlaw country and even Celtic!

The Food

The food sounded like great cafe food. A few of the things that stuck out to me on the menu were the avocado toast, curry chicken sandwich, peanut butter swirl, and their breakfast sandwich. Many of the food items could be prepared vegan or gluten-free. A lot of the food was sourced locally. They were happy to tell me that they served vegan bread, organic pastries, bagels, and toast as well. Don’t even get me started! The pastries and the quiches looked delicious. I will attach some photos below.

The Coffee

My coffee was freaking delicious and hyped me up the whole time I was there. I highly recommend trying the dark Tanzanian Drip in a mug with an extra shot of espresso, also known as a Red Eye. My notes are on the border of undecipherable – just kidding, but close. They use the Salt Lake Roasting Company which is a well-known local roaster using only organic beans. The most popular drink when I was there was the White Witch: spicy chai with rose, white chocolate, and cinnamon. Use the phrase, “Get it spooky,” to add espresso to it. Come on, go big.

The Art

While I was visiting there was some phenomenal art on the walls. Some were very abstract and colorful, while other pieces were wonderfully painted pictures of trees and some vegetables. One of the artists highlighted at the time was Camille Biexei: @nameofire. I especially loved the onion, titled “The Queen [The Onion, Supreme Among Vegetables]”. So true! Here is her website, be sure to check her out and give her a follow.

The Bathroom

The bathroom was pretty cool. I enjoyed the picture of Elvis Presley and Bob Marley hanging on the walls. It was clean, stocked, and a little groovy with musical artists. I am going to rank this restroom a polished 9/10.

Coffee Shop

#55 The Peoples Coffee

The Peoples Coffee

221 E 300 S
Salt Lake City, UT
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Contact: 415-683-3259


IG @thepeoplescoffeeutah

Date Visited
: October 30, 2019

There’s something about a fresh cup of coffee after dinner that really completes the day. It was Wednesday, October 30th, 2019 around 6 p.m., the day before Halloween. I was having a blast checking out Salt Lake City and surprised how many coffee shops were in this city. Driving around downtown I just so happened to spot The People’s Coffee, flipped a U-turn, and went in to check it out.

Headed Inside

The second you walk inside you’ll see the walls covered in art. I have always had a strong love for art so I was excited to see what there was. From the outside this coffee shop deceived me of its size; it was actually pretty freaking big. Tons of tables and chairs to enjoy your coffee, bring your work, or meet a friend. Since it was late in the day, there were only a few people in there and the barista.

This place was cool, I hoped their coffee would live up to my experience so far. I headed up to the counter and met McKay, the barista. He was quiet at first and then I told him why I was stopping by. He was delighted to know that The People’s Coffee made my list. He suddenly turned around, snagged a cup, and poured a coffee. Looked at me and said, “Here man, on the house.” I was very thankful and even more grateful because it was full of flavor!

Before I began asking McKay any specific questions, he started firing off some fun facts. It’s like he read my mind or maybe coffee-drinkers just think alike. The People’s Coffee is a play on Karl Marx, for the people. It makes sense now with all of the photographs hanging on the wall. This coffee shop is four years old but the current owner has been running it for the past two years. This is a great place to come bring your laptop and hangout, as they do offer WIFI.


Think about that word for a second. The ethos of the People’s Coffee is to support their community. A long list backs this up. First, they serve Caffe Ibis, which is locally roasted here in Utah. Second, the pastries are all baked in town. When I was there they had bagels, muffins, cookies, and other tasty looking treats. Third, they offer freshly squeezed juices from a company in Salt Lake City called Pulp Lifestyle Kitchen – definitely check them out! Fourth, The People’s Coffee supports the local music scene by hosting an open mic night every second Saturday of the month, so mark your calendars. McKay told me the owner and manager are big DJ’s and have a huge appreciation for music. Lastly, the artwork on the walls was created by a handful of local artists. Since the art rotates, I took tons of pictures to help highlight the artwork I saw at the time. I will tell you about each artist and their work below.

The Art

Wow, I was blown away by the talent hanging up in this coffee shop. From what I could see, there were pastel prints, pencil, chalk, digital, and mixed media. The pastel prints were done by Phil Morse. He drew portraits of people using a variety of color and shading techniques. The next artist was Valerie Jane with a wide variety of subjects: a whale, flowers, bees, squid, tattoos, and of course my favorite, coffee. Follow her @janethestranger on Instagram – she is an amazing tattoo artist as well. I really enjoyed the artwork behind the counter as well, but I couldn’t make out the name of the artist. Finally, I spotted the best little chalk sign that read “Shoot for the moon, if you miss you’ll land among the stars.” This really resonates with me since I am chasing a dream to be a coffee blogger. Check them out at @chalk_notes. Awesome fact about them: all notes are made by SLC artists. This visit just put me in a great mood, I’m really happy I spotted them. (More artwork posted below)

The Coffee

My coffee was delicious and full of flavor. When that’s the case I will drink it black and that personally makes me so happy to not have to “pollute” the coffee with creamer. The People’s Coffee wants to incentivize locals to come back so they even offer a loyalty card. Be sure to get one and make them part of your routine. I sat there admiring the artwork, an awesome way to end my day and start winding down.


A really cool local thing that I just happened to witness. When I was standing in line, a guy in a full barbershop outfit came in, name-dropped, picked up a coffee, and started heading to the door. I was staring at the whole interaction eager to know what just happened. McKay and the guy read my confused face and told me that they have a deal where the barbershop takes coffee requests from the customers and the barbers will run and grab the drink for whoever is getting their haircut. I was so hyped that I asked if the guy would let me take his picture and he was cool with it.

The Bathroom

The bathroom was pretty plain and not much to it. There was a simple mirror, clean floors, and a window. Then I spotted it! The mop! I was cracking up over their sense of humor on the situation. The sign reads, “Unfortunately: The City Required us to have this Mop-sink installed, right here. We apologize for the eye-sore. Enjoy your stay!” Haha they had me laughing. For that, I rank this bathroom a clean 8/10.

Phil Morse

Coffee Shop

#54 Rugged Grounds

Rugged Grounds

29 E 400 S
Salt Lake City, UT
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Contact: 385-309-3003


IG @ruggedgroundsslc


Date Visited
: October 30, 2019

This next building has worn many different hats. It’s been used for knife sharpening, bail bonds, art space, catering, and finally, a coffee shop. Welcome to Rugged Grounds in downtown Salt Lake City, UT. Driving by the coffee shop you will immediately spot the black awning with COFFEE written across the front of it. It was challenging to find parking for my van so I drove down a few streets, paid for street parking, and grabbed my skateboard. I paid for an hour and skated down to the coffee shop. I opened the stainless door at the front and headed in.

The Interior

This place was great, reminded me of an old saloon or a place I might see in an older movie. The first room had an antique-looking piano, classic schoolhouse chairs, wooden flooring, and industrial-style siding on the ceiling. One side of the walls were covered in reclaimed wood and the other side appeared to be old mirrors. There are a few books to read on top of the piano, a game of chess to play, and a world atlas to plan your future adventures. I headed into the second room where the action was. A long wooden bar went right up the middle of this room. There were a handful of people here when I first walked in, so I found an empty green stool and took a seat.

I Talk too Loud

The barista politely introduced herself and asked me if she could get me started with anything. This is when I met Sadie, she is part-barista and part-owner. She was pretty excited to hear what I was doing, the next thing I know, I had the attention of the whole place. I was so nervous that I would easily stay past my parking limit telling stories of my travels, so I told the customers at the bar, Josh and Maxwell, to make sure I didn’t lose track of time and we all laughed. They were stopping in here to take a break after work and enjoy a well-crafted cup of coffee. I knew it could be very possible to lose track of time, I really enjoy talking and meeting the shops and everyone in them.


I told Sadie that I would like to order their espresso and she began concocting one for me. She told me that this was the second location and the other is located in Provo, UT. Rugged Grounds opened in 2017 with a build-goal to use nothing but reclaimed materials. I replied, “Woah that’s awesome!” To name a few examples, Sadie pointed out the wood wall in the other rooms, stools we were sitting on, and the chairs in the other room were all reclaimed. They went with the whole “Hope it fits” method, I love that.

The Coffee

My cute little antique glass of fresh espresso, just what I needed. Sadie was happy to hear how much I enjoyed the drink. I asked her what the most popular drink was right now and she told me “The Boxcar.” This drink was an Americano with cinnamon, honey, and cream. They serve fair-trade, organic coffee roasted in Utah Valley by Great Basin Coffee Company in Provo, UT. For all of the tea drinkers out there, they use Grey Mountain Herbs and the kombucha is brewed right here in Salt Lake City by Rock Canyon Elixers.


Sometimes I visit coffee shops and the behavior of the customers is usually very cordial, but I like catching moments that stand out. As I was sitting at the bar snapping pictures of the shop, this gentleman came in and ordered a small latte to go. When it was time to pay he handed Sadie a $10 bill, smiled, and told her to keep the change. This was a very nice gesture considering he only popped in for a second to get the coffee and go on his way. I know this is small, but it’s the love like this that these small coffee shops deserve.

The Bathroom

Hmmm… this one was different. Very bare-bones, toilet, and white walls. I did enjoy the braided plant hanger that was now innovatively holding two rolls of toilet paper. For that, I would rank this bathroom a 6/10. Tons of potential and practically a blank canvas, it would be really cool if they found some antique coffee photographs to match the aesthetic.