Cafe Leila #4

1724 San Pablo Ave. Berkeley, CA
Contact: 510-525-7544
IG @cafeleila

Date Visited: September 9, 2019

Me out front of Cafe Leila

On a beautiful Monday afternoon, I was looking for a place to sit and plan my great coffee adventure. Suddenly, I get a call from a friend in the area and she recommended trying out Cafe Leila. She told me that it was very spacious and she’s never gone wrong with their food. I was sold. 

Drove a few minutes to Berkeley and there sat Cafe Leila. A cute little cafe with its own parking lot. Pulled in and hoped for a spot, my lucky day, there was one spot left. I hopped out eager to explore Cafe Leila and fill my daily coffee craving.

Cafe Leila

I fell in love with the hand-painted signage on the building and the luscious plants surrounding the front of the cafe. I walked inside and immediately felt like I was back home. I grabbed a menu and flipped through the pages until something called at me. Coffee was a given, but I was stuck on what to eat. The food all sounded good and the pastries looked amazing. I decided to order the California Wrap, it was fitting since I’m in Cali.

I placed my order, picked up my medium coffee and headed for the back. This roast was very tasty, splashed some cream in it and I was good to go. After such great customer service, I was excited to check this place out. As I walked through the hallway I entered a room full of exposed brick, covered in stunning artwork. I also noticed the wonderful amount of natural light beaming in. Wooden tables and chairs, nothing special but they were super clean and comfy. I had a good laugh when I spotted three old telephones on the wall, I don’t even think I know how to use them but they look cool!

Old telephone at Cafe Leila

I headed out back through the glass doors and onto the patio. Now, this was a hidden gem, coffee paradise. This patio was enormous, full of tables, chairs, benches, umbrellas, plants, herbs, succulents, and visiting butterflies. Gorgeous and the sunlight made it a million times more enjoyable!

I sat inside to charge my laptop and eat my lunch. My wrap was delicious, full of grilled chicken breast, hummus, avocado, lettuce, and their homemade Lebanese salata. Wow, you have to try it! I’d be back for just this and the coffee alone!

Wrap at Cafe Leila

Cafe Leila receives a perfect score for the bathrooms, there are two. Super clean, large, comfortable, it gets a 10/10. Such a good day, great coffee, I will be back.

Coffee at Cafe LeilaPatio at Cafe LeilaThe line at Cafe LeilaMe drinking coffee at Cafe Leila

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