Rail Yard Coffee Haus #67

Rail Yard Coffee Haus
1620 E Pershing Blvd. #120, Cheyenne, WY Get Directions
Contact: 307-514-5055
IG @railyardcoffeehaus Facebook
Date Visited: November 2, 2019

When I think of Cheyenne, Wyoming I think cowboys, Buffalo Bill, and some of the best national parks in the United States. In terms of coffee, I hadn’t a clue what to think. Do people out here want uniquely-sourced and locally-roasted coffee or your average old-school black pot of Maxwell House? Are coffee shops going to have the same passion and drive for coffee that I witnessed in a place like San Francisco? I was excited to find out. I did some research and stumbled upon a coffee shop right up the road called Rail Yard Coffee Haus and Eatery.

I pulled into a huge parking lot with a strip of businesses. Sitting in between a nutrition shop and an insurance company. I will be honest and say that I had no idea what to expect when entering. I do have an eye for design and really enjoyed their clean signage and vinyl on the windows. There were a few chairs sitting out here for warmer days.

Walking through the door I was in awe. This place was full of smiling people, plants, artsy vibes, and to my surprise there was an old box spring all lit up hanging from the ceiling. I know this description sounds crazy, but it worked perfectly; the shop was so clean and wonderfully setup. It’s a mix of industrial and comfy: metal tables, wooden chairs, fresh flowers, and two very inviting leather chairs. The more I looked around the more I noticed. Whoever designed this place did a phenomenal job sourcing the antique furniture in here. An eclectic coffee shop in the middle of Wyoming, I had to find out more.

I stood in line studying their menu, which happened to be displayed on three TV-monitors but you could hardly even tell – genius idea! This allows them to change the menu in a flash, unlike the traditional chalk menus in most coffee shops. Their breakfast items were bagels, burritos, and yogurt parfaits. Other items included tacos, soups, paninis, cold sandwiches, and one of the freshest salad bars I’ve ever seen. I wanted everything on this menu, it all sounded delicious!

I stepped up and introduced myself to the barista, Marissa, and began to explain why I had stopped in. The two other baristas, Mateo and Ben, perked up and Mateo told me to go take a seat and he would be right with me. I made my way to a table and wondered how this was going to go. Suddenly, Mateo came out from the counter with a tray containing a picture-perfect cappuccino and a glass of water. He stopped everything he was doing and took a seat with me. It isn’t often that anyone joins me for coffee when I interview them, this was wonderful.

I came to find out that Mateo is part-owner of Rail Yard and owning a coffee shop had been a dream of his for a very long time. Mateo operates Rail Yard under the principles of freshness, quality, and originality. For example, every day they place fresh flowers on the tables for customers to enjoy. Mateo even searches for beautiful china and vintage mugs, like the vintage snack tray my coffee was delivered on. His attention to the little things makes Rail Yard stand out. This is a great place for friends to meet, people to relax and grab a bite to eat, or swing by for their monthly cars and coffee events. They offer a full menu, all made in house, and tons of coffee options. Mateo was doing an amazing job and I hope to discover more coffee shops with this fun artistic vibe. Makes sense why the SugarHill Gang and the Original Furious 5 stopped in a few months back!

The cappuccino was one of my favorites on my adventure so far; appearance, taste, and smoothness. When you visit you too will see how much care they put behind their drinks and don’t rush the quality. I saw the baristas checking on customers and making sure everyone was having a wonderful coffee experience before I had told them why I was there. They offer tons of different coffee drinks and six different milk options. They use three different roasters, H+S Coffee, Snowy Elk, and Cheyenne Coffee Company, and are the only coffee shop in Cheyenne to serve Wyoming roasted coffee. I can’t wait to visit them again soon.

They’re expanding and building a second coffee shop in downtown Cheyenne, WY. Stay tuned :) I’ll see you guys at their grand opening!

The bathroom was clean and fully stocked. Shared with the insurance company next door so it was very clean. Unfortunately, they aren’t able to put a Rail Yard touch on it. I’m going to rank this restroom a 7.5/10.

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