Alpha Coffee #64

Alpha Coffee
7260 Racquet Club Dr. Cottonwood Heights, UT Get Directions
Contact: 385-449-0580
Date Visited: November 1, 2019

“We welcome you to a community that embraces the warrior ethos and enjoys top quality, no compromise premium coffee and cocoa.” - Alpha Coffee

On November 1, 2019, I was about to head east out of Salt Lake City, UT. I needed a boost for the long drive ahead, so I checked Google one last time for a final coffee shop. This is when I stumbled upon Alpha Coffee in Cottonwood Heights. The second I read “Combat Veteran-owned and donating coffee to troops”, I was sold - I had to check it out!

To my satisfaction, when I rolled up there was tons of parking and a gigantic Alpha Coffee sign out front. Amazing location with some huge mountains in the distance of the coffee shop, absolutely gorgeous. There were a few benches out front, covered in snow! I walked up and was super impressed by their decked-out mobile coffee-truck. One of the fiercest logos I’ve encountered at any coffee shop so far. Being a graphic designer at heart, I appreciated the awesome design! The vinyl on the coffee truck was perfect; it said “Smells like victory” and “Tastes like freedom.”

I headed inside to concrete floors, panoramic windows, and tons of smiling faces. This coffee shop was massive and had the comfort of a ski-lodge with its built-in fireplace and lovely wooden tables. I headed up to the counter and met Zaren and Savannah, the baristas. They were super helpful and really enjoyed what Find That Coffee is all about. They told me how Alpha is owned by Carl Churchill, a combat veteran with 21 years of service, and his wife Lori. Carl and Lori’s son works here, and their daughter is the marketing director. They sold coffee online for years but wanted to build a coffee shop. In June 2017 they brought their idea to life, Alpha Coffee was born.



This mission statement resonates throughout everything they do. First, Alpha Coffee proudly roasts their own signature veteran-owned, no compromise, premium coffee. Second, they are dedicated to offering their customers amazing coffee, promoting the warrior lifestyle, providing the highest levels of service, and giving back to our military and veterans. Tying together both the warrior mentality and ethos, this became the Alpha lifestyle. They state, “This encompasses serving others, living a life of honor, embracing challenge, constantly striving for excellence, staying physically and mentally sharp, connecting with the outdoors and our natural world, and... drinking lots of awesome coffee!” I support this fully, they’re doing some good in the world.

Alpha Coffee accomplishes their mission to give back by donating coffee to deployed troops and offering customers the ability to do the same. Here is a link to that page. A portion of their proceeds also goes towards military charities that focus on helping veterans and their families through educational opportunities, mission-focused employment, and outdoor therapy. Alpha tries to hire veterans and works with other veteran-owned companies and suppliers whenever possible. Some of these charities include Continue Mission, Heroes and Horses, VETPAW, and Labs for Liberty. 

Coffee for Troops

This was seriously my favorite thing that I learned. Since September 11th, 2010, Alpha Coffee has sent 17,756 bags of coffee to deployed troops. That is something to be proud of. There’s a spot on their website for you to either donate money towards coffee packages for troops or, if you are deployed, you can fill out the form and they will send you coffee for you and your team. I am proud to support this coffee shop. 

The Coffee

I ordered a cup of drip coffee and enjoyed it while I looked around the coffee shop. The view looking out the window was the best way to accompany this tasty cup of coffee. It was nice and fresh and supported a good cause, can’t get any better than that. There were tons of fun specials while I was there too, like the Quadzilla which was black coffee and a quad-shot of espresso! I drink a lot of coffee, but there’s no way I could handle that. My favorite sign on the counter read, “Behind every successful person is a substantial amount of coffee.” This had me laughing out loud.

The Food

Alpha Coffee offers locally-sourced food options such as quiche, spinach and feta croissants, sausage & cheese breakfast sandwiches, and breakfast burritos. There’s a wide choice of delicious looking pastries as well, and my favorite, gelato. A really cool thing I spotted was a trail mix by Red Canyon Co. that sells normal trail mix, but also makes varieties for dogs!


Please go on their website and support this great cause and the troops fighting for our freedom. I can’t wait to come back and visit again. Be sure to add them to your bucket list. And if you don’t live close, their website says they ship with the slogan “Stay Safe. Stay Caffeinated. Buy Online.” Here is the link to their site 

The Bathroom

This was super clean and designed beautifully. Tons of toilet paper, paper towels, and even a urinal. There was an awesome picture of Captain America on the wall. They should paint their logo on the wall, it’s so freaking cool. I am going to rank this bathroom an 9/10, awesome job!

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