Barista Brew #30

BARISTA BREW CAFE (Black Frog Coffee)
431 G St. Davis, CA
Contact: 530-757-7575
IG @blackfrogcoffee_davis 

Date Visited: October 17, 2019

Me at Barista Brew

This coffee shop has been a long time staple on the block in Davis, CA: 11 years and counting. I have been told that Barista Brew received a complete facelift this past summer of 2019 and I have to say it was beautifully clean in there. I stood in line behind a local student carrying her backpack. She seemed to be seeking a good coffee. I was greeted by a tall friendly guy named Luke. He has worked at Barista Brew for over a year and answered all my questions. He even offered to make me a drink on the house.

As I was scanning the menu when Luke asked, "Would you like an iced latte?" I told him that sounded perfect. He began making my drink as I fired off some questions. The majority of customers are students and locals and Barista Brew does their part by offering free wifi. Barista brew even offers a Medium Iced Coffee for a $1.99 all day long.  During coffee o'clock (1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.) they have a deal for a medium latte, mocha, or chai for the low cost of $2.75 plus tax. I would be in here all the time if I lived around here. Speaking of which, this latte was delicious. I found it delightful to find free persimmons and pomegranates in a basket on the counter. Luke told me the owner brought them in from home for customers to enjoy. That right there said a lot about this place.

Iced Coffee at Barista Brew

Barista brew serves both breakfast and lunch with some delicious-sounding options for a coffee shop. Anywhere from a breakfast burrito to a turkey pesto wrap! If you want something smaller they offer homemade pastries like vanilla scones, cinnamon bread, and some amazing looking chocolate chip cookies. 

Pastries at Barista Brew

If you come to hang out or get work done, it’s the perfect spot! Super clean and peaceful with fewdistractions and not a speck of dust. This is one of the few places that still offer a couch and comfy chairs.Worth checking out, you may just fall in love with the place, I know I did.

The seating at Barista Brew

Their bathroom gets a 9/10, super clean and simple. My only suggestion is to add a cool mural or some character but besides that the bathroom is perfect. I appreciated the bright light in there, nothing worse than walking into a dark and dingy restroom.

Luke at Barista Brew
My van in front of Barista Brew
Fruit at Barista Brew
The sign in front of Barista Brew
Seating at Barista Brew

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