Cloud Forest Cafe #31

Contact: 530-753-2164 
Date Visited: October 17, 2019

Me at Cloud Forest Cafe

Do you like biking and coffee? Cloud Forest Cafe is a place worth checking out. They have a freaking bike suspended from the ceiling! Cloud Forest Cafe is an essential part of the coffee community in Davis, California. They have been around for over 20 years, fueling the community with coffee, smoothies, and good vibes. This seemed like a perfect spot for students to study and locals to hang out. I had to find out more. 

I walked up to the counter and introduced myself to the barista. Her name was Garcia and she helped answer all of my questions. I ordered a small drip coffee and it was delicious. I come to find out that they roast their beans and they were doing a damn good job. And if you don’t want coffee they offer tea, Italian soda, smoothies, and tons of chai options. Garcia highlighted their wide variety of fresh-squeezed made-to-order fruit juices. Their most popular juice right now is the Pink Lady. This drink consists of oranges, pineapples, beets, and limes. It sounded refreshing I must say! Cloud Forest also offers an array of vegan and vegetarian options. They’re known for their paninis, avocado toast, and other breakfast options. A perfect place to relax, not to mention, the refills are only $0.50 and free Wifi for customers.

Sign at Cloud Forest Cafe

The bicycle hanging above me was such a beautiful relic. The plaque below reads:

“What does an old Schwinn bicycle have to do with Davis, California? Both Davis and Schwinn BicycleCompany experienced a bike boom in the 1970s. I like old Schwinns so much that I gave this one to CloudForest Cafe to look at while enjoying my favorite cup of coffee in Davis. You can still see old Schwinns riding around the city fifty years after they were built – bold bikes in a bold city.”– Collector – 2014 UCD Alumni: Jeff S.

Bicycle at Cloud Forest Cafe

That is one gorgeous bike and I love that they display it for everyone to enjoy. Definitely one of my favorite discoveries in this shop, along with the handmade pottery for sale, and mosaic fish bench out front. I had a wonderful visit and understand why the cafe has been here for so long.

Mosaic at Cloud Forest Cafe

The bathrooms were a bit of a maze to find through the hallways but I was happy to see that they had two to offer. The bathrooms were basic but great for any situation, for this, I’ll rate it a 9/10.

Pottery at Cloud Forest Cafe
Patio at Cloud Forest Cafe
Inside of Cloud Forest Cafe
Outside seating at Cloud Forest Cafe
Coffee pot at Cloud Forest Cafe
Menu at Cloud Forest Cafe
Drink menu at Cloud Forest Cafe
Plants at Cloud Forest Cafe

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