Mishka's Cafe #32

610 2nd St. Davis, CA
Contact: 530-759-0811
IG @mishkascafe

Date Visited: October 17, 2019

Me at Mishka's Cafe

One of the most popular coffee shops in Davis, California, Mishka’s Cafe. Each time I drove by this cafe it was packed! And rumor has it that it was named after a cat that passed away! I was stoked to check this place out. My first impression of it was a good one; tons of seating out front on the patio, on the side of the building and inside was rather large as well. No lie, almost every seat was taken with people talking to friends, relaxing, and working on their laptops. I was digging it.

I waited for the line to die down before interviewing the baristas. Everyone working there was extremely friendly to me and excited to find out what I was doing. Melanie and Cassidy were very accommodating and answered all of my questions. But before we could get started, they poured me a delicious and beautiful cappuccino. It was accompanied by a tasty espresso chocolate. They informed me that Mishka’s has been grinding since 1995, over 25 years! In the mornings, locals takeover, while students tend to trickle in during the afternoon. It makes sense; there is tons of room to spread out, free wifi, comforting jazz music, and they close at 9:30 p.m. every night. Their most popular drink is a latte. And they conveniently offer 2 bathrooms. I enjoyed my time here. Mishka’s even roasts their own beans; they know what they’re doing.

Latte at Mishka's Cafe

Also when you’re here be sure to walk around and check out the artwork. While I was visiting they were highlighting an artist named Megna Hari and all of her wonderful prints. She made them by carving linoleum blocks and hand-rolling ink onto them before pressing on paper. Videos of her process can be found on her site. I added a few photos of my favorites. The word “amazing” is an understatement. Go check it out while enjoying a delicious latte.

Art by Megna at Mishka's Cafe

The bathrooms were fine, considering how many people were there it was surprisingly clean. There wasa giant mirror that allowed me to check myself out and make sure I didn’t have any chocolate stuck in myteeth LOL. I’d rate the bathrooms a 7/10, nothing special but they would get the job done.

Pastries at Mishka's Cafe
Pastries at Mishka's Cafe
Pastries at Mishka's Cafe
Baristas at Mishka's Cafe
Inside seating at Mishka's Cafe
Coffee for sale at Mishka's Cafe
Outside patio of Mishka's Cafe
Sign outside of Mishka's Cafe
Art at Mishka's Cafe
Art at Mishka's Cafe
Art at Mishka's Cafe


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