Three Ladies Cafe #29

130 G Suite A Davis, CA
Contact: 530-302-3434
IG @threeladiescafe

Date Visited: October 17, 2019

Me out front of Three Ladies Cafe

Need a good place to hang out? I've got just the spot, Three Ladies Cafe is filled with tons of natural light, tasty smoothies, and good coffee! But, let me take you through my journey to find TLC. I had just rolled into Davis, California and was in dire need for a good cup of coffee. The sun was shining and my one rule was to find a nice patio to enjoy a coffee. I was heading South on G street when I discovered Three Ladies Cafe. This was perfect, beautiful patio seating under a giant olive tree. I was brewing with excitement because olive trees don't grow in Maryland. Sometimes it's the little things that a coffee shop has or does that makes my experience that much better.

Three Ladies Cafe is full of space and an ample amount of natural light. Although the windows had seemed pretty tinted from the outside, they did allow light to flood the shop. They had great-looking menus consisting of food and coffee. I stepped up to the counter and met Michael and Reyna, two super friendly baristas. The smile on their faces expressed just how much they love working here. After making up my mind, I ordered a medium cup of drip coffee with a little room for cream. A customer walked past me carrying a fresh bowl of fruit they had ordered. Then, I heard Reyna say, "Here's your medium coffee." I splashed a little 2% milk in the coffee and began reaching for a lid. Suddenly, I was caught off-guard, the lids looked different than any I've seen before. I was literally about to ask when Michael then told me, "Aren't they cool? They're fully compostable and environmentally friendly." Now that is pretty sweet, I enjoy meeting coffee shops that are conscious of their impact on the world.

My coffee at Three Ladies Cafe

After walking around and checking everything this shop had to offer, I had to interview them. Walking back up to the counter and telling Michael about my travel blog. He told me that TLC is only 2 years young and was started by Beizhi Pan and she has a love for smoothies. In fact, they actually started as a smoothie shop and later introduced coffee and teas. All of the food and produce is sourced locally and they use high-quality ingredients. Beizhi wanted to create an environment that was both friendly and welcoming. I felt exactly that, not to mention the artwork was phenomenal. There's tons of room to work, play, and/or relax. I thanked them for taking the time to talk to me and headed outside to soak up the sun and relax on the patio. The patio itself was clean and the furniture was nice and sturdy. Sun shining, birds chirping, and sipping coffee, life doesn't get better than that.

The baristas at Three Ladies Cafe

I checked the bathroom out and it was pretty good, gets the job done. They had air plants hanging on the walls, a great subtle touch to a really clean bathroom. For that, I will give the bathroom an 8/10.

The bathroom at Three Ladies CafeThe counter at Three Ladies CafeCoffee menu at Three Ladies CafeCoffee lids at Three Ladies CafePainting by Emily Dilbeck at Three Ladies CafePainting by Emily Dilbeck at Three Ladies CafePainting by Emily Dilbeck at Three Ladies CafePainting by Emily Dilbeck at Three Ladies Cafe

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