XP Gaming & Cafe #38

730 1250 NV-227 Elko, NV Drive-thru Available
Contact: 775-299-2848
IG @xpgamingcafe

Date Visited: October 25, 2019

 Me at XP Games Cafe

One of the coolest gaming cafes I’ve found so far! You are going to wish this was right down the street from you. This is a haven for kids, gamers, and coffee drinkers. XP Gaming & Cafe was created by Kyle Ashley and Caleb Tapia in May of 2018. I was lucky enough to visit when Kyle happened to be there. Awesome guy, no wonder this place has been doing so well. They are starting to have a large number of regulars come in for coffee, games, and a great place to relax.

Inside of XP Games Cafe

This cafe was so beautifully set up – you could tell how much time and thought went into getting this place up and running. Although there were concrete floors, no couches, and strong metal chairs, I felt cozy. I felt like I was back in time at the little game shop down the street from me when I was a kid, with my dad buying some new Magic the Gathering cards, or even playing Pokemon in the cafeteria in middle school. Maybe it was the more recent feeling of watching my friends back home play Dungeons and Dragons, I missed them. I would have loved for my friends to be there playing cards and drinking coffee with me.

People playing cards in XP Games Cafe

XP Gaming did a phenomenal job with the color scheme, soft lighting, game organization, finished concrete floors, full drive-thru, and a super clean shop. I asked Kyle what the most popular drink was on the menu and he told me the “Nick Lewis,” named after one of their most popular customers. This drink was a latte made with caramel and vanilla. Before I knew it Kyle had made me one, it was so freaking delicious! Please put this spot on your must-visit list! They were awarded both the 2018 and 2019 Readers Choice for ‘Best Family Recreation Business’ in the Elko Daily Free Press.

Owner of XP Games Cafe

The bathrooms get a perfect 10/10. I loved the original Nintendo controller on the wall, Magic the Gathering posters, and the abstract Pink Floyd looking poster. My favorite sign was on the outside of the doors that read “Whatever, just wash your hands.” Perfect!

Games at XP Games CafePainting of XP Games CafeCoffee for sale at XP Games CafeCoffee menu at XP Games CafeSyrups at XP Games CafeGames at XP Games CafeBathroom sign at XP Games CafeGames at XP Games Cafe

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