Headlands Coffeehouse #23

120 E. Laurel St. Fort Bragg, CA
Contact: 707-964-1987
IG @Headlandscoffeehouse

Date Visited: September 21, 2019

Me out front of Headlands Coffeehouse

Searching for a late-night coffee shop? This may be the place. I was looking for somewhere I could sit and relax when I stumbled upon Headlands Coffeehouse. It says online that they close at 10:00 PM. I arrived in Fort Bragg yesterday and this sounded like the best plan. I drove downtown and found a spot right out front. From the van, I watched as people were walking into the shop carrying what appeared to be violins, flutes, and maybe even a hand drum.

The shop was surrounded by boutique stores on the block, full of art, clothes, and stationary. As I entered this coffee shop, it gave off a wonderful charming vibe. I step up and order a mug "for here" and to my surprise, it was under two dollars and comes with a free refill. Can't beat that. This has to be the cheapest I've paid for coffee throughout my whole trip so far. I went over to the coffee bar to discover the ten different varieties of drip coffee they were offering. I walked back to the counter and kindly asked the barista which roast they recommended. This is a fun little thing I do to see what they like or customers prefer. After their advice, I went with the organic house blend. A little cream and I was in heaven.

My coffee at Headlands Coffeehouse

I was confronted by a man about my same height who was digging my Find that Coffee shirt, his name was Morgan. I come to find out that he is the current owner of Headlands. He invited me to sit down and tell me everything I wanted to know. We talked for over an hour, everything from the coffee, the shop, Fort Bragg, and everything in between. A cool down to earth guy. Morgan and his wife have been running this place for the last six months but they've worked here for years. Funny story, this is where they met! Along with the owners before them, they also met working here. Morgan told me the shop is almost 25 years old and a local favorite. I knew he wasn't kidding, everyone that came in stopped to say hi to him or pat him on the back.

Inside of Headlands Coffeehouse

I was having a wonderful time checking this coffee shop out while listening to the Coast Celtic Ensemble. They filled the room with amazing sounds on this relaxing Saturday night. People came in and out enjoying the music, coffee, and good energy this coffee shop put out. I went up to get a refill and try another flavor of coffee when I find out that they offer 16 different drip coffees daily. That is a ton of variety! I ended up staying almost till close, all jacked up on caffeine and smiles. Morgan is doing a phenomenal job of carrying on the culture of this coffee shop. This is a must checkout place on your travels.

The owner and barista at Headlands Coffeehouse

The bathroom was perfect, simple, and basic. Gets the job done and has a hilarious picture behind the toilet, 10/10.

The bathroom at Headlands CoffeehouseFunny bathroom picture of a guy playing the trumpet in Headlands CoffeehouseOut front of Headlands CoffeehouseThe coffee pots at Headlands Coffeehouse

My van out front of Headlands Coffeehouse

The Coast Celtic Ensemble at Headlands CoffeehouseThe Coast Celtic Ensemble performing.Photos of the previous ownersMenu at Headlands CoffeehouseMe on an old payphone out front of Headlands CoffeehouseWall of coffee beans

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