Equator Coffee #17

244 CA-1 Mill Valley, CA
Contact: 415-209-3733
IG @equatorcoffees

Date Visited: September 17, 2019

Baristas at Equator Coffee

While I was putting gas in the van, I just happened to spot Equator Coffee across the street. Suddenly, my craving for coffee was ignited, I had to go check it out. As I’m driving in I realize Equator is situated in front of a huge warehouse looking surf shop called Proof Lab Surf Shop. This was going to be a cool experience.

The front of Equator is full of tables, chairs, and tons of plants. A perfect little zen garden on the side of a rather busy road. Then I noticed it, the massive bike rack in front, they had to be into biking. Walking inside, the first thing you’ll notice is the mountain bike action shots of Chris Schierholtz hanging on the walls and bike jerseys hanging for sale. Next, you’ll see the stunning red surfboard hanging on the ceiling. Even the penny board had Equator cut out in the grip tape. This place was all about getting out and having fun.

The patio outside of Equator Coffee

I stepped in line and admired the use of color flowing in this coffee shop. Red and black are very dark bold colors but they maneuvered them in such a way that Equator's brand seems bold, strong, and confident. I think their logo choice was a good one. I ordered a medium roast and introduced myself to May and Max, the very friendly baristas. They informed me that Equator was started by Brooke McDonnell and Helen Russell, they began roasting in a garage in Marin County back in 1995. Their major focuses are quality, sustainability, and social responsibility. Believe it or not, Equator has over 500 wholesale accounts and seven retail cafes.

My coffee was the perfect balance of fruity and light. Woke me right up! May wanted me to try their espresso shot to get the full experience, so I said okay. She then placed a small glass of seltzer water right next to it. Not sure what for, so I had to ask. Max was shocked that I had never heard of drinking sparkling water with espresso. I come to find out that it helps cleanse the palate so you can taste the flavor of the notes and get the full experience. I never really drink espresso shots by themselves but dang it has a lot of flavors! So next time you’re out getting an espresso shot, ask for some seltzer on the side. For all my espresso drinkers and coffee lovers out there, come check this place out.

Espresso shot at Equator Coffee

Oh, Equator had their bathroom held down. Super clean, white, and fully stoked. They are receiving a 10/10.

Bathroom at Equator Coffee

May informed me that Equator was linked with Proof Lab Surf Shop and they have a massive skatepark inside. I grabbed my coffee and headed over to go check it out. Damn, this shop was massive! There were hundreds of surfboards, skateboards, boogie boards, and everything else you needed to shred! Headed into the back to find the large indoor skatepark. If you like skating and you wanna ride, they only charge $3 for an all-day skate pass. Two kids just happened to be in there skating and let me snap some pictures of them doing tricks. I ended up walking past the shoe rack and scored a pair of vans on clearance. On my way out I met Dave and come to find out about his love for surfing and his brand 3 Wave Minimum. Go check it out on IG @devodave3waveminimum

Skate shop next to Equator CoffeeSkatepark next to Equator CoffeeKick flip at the skateparkSkateboarding at the shopLanding the trick skateboardingInside the skateshopVan shoes at the skateparkSkateboards and shoes for sale at the skate shopPhotography on the walls at Equator CoffeeMe out front of Equator CoffeeLooking in the doorway of Equator CoffeeMerchandise for sale at Equator Coffee

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