Sips Organic Coffee & More #27

6771 CA-254 Miranda, CA Drive-thru Available
Contact: 707-601-8901

Date Visited
: September 30, 2019

Driving up to Sips Organic Coffee & More

Are you planning to drive through the Avenue of the Giants in Humboldt County, California? If yes, make sure you visit the cutest little coffee shed. Sips: Organic Coffee & More is located in Miranda, California, as you're driving through the redwoods. Right when the trees clear, there sits Sips. I pulled the van up at 4:52 PM and discovered that they were closing in only a few minutes. I hurried and ordered a small coffee, I knew it would be nice and warm on this rainy day in the forest.

The barista asked where I was traveling from and I told her Maryland. I asked if it was okay to do a quick write up on Sips: Organic Coffee & More and she said absolutely. The barista's name was Izzy and she was super helpful considering she was about to close after a long day. Sips is 11 years old and they're known for making any drink someone wants to order. This was impressive considering I've been in many coffee shops that have a fairly strict menu. Their most popular drink right now is the white mocha. Pretty cool to learn that almost half of their customers in the summer are tourists traveling through. You have the option to order from either the drive-thru or walk-up window on the other side. And lastly, they strive to make sure that their coffee is fair-trade, organic, and locally roasted. It was a quick visit but I'm glad I stopped, you will be too.

The barista at Sips Organic Coffee & More

Sorry, no restroom at this drive-thru.

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