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Method Cycles & Craft House
301 S 9th St. Suite 100 Lincoln, NE Get Directions
Contact: 844-807-7035
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Date Visited: November 3, 2019

I rolled into Lincoln, Nebraska around 5:00 p.m. on November, 3rd 2019 in a dire need of coffee. The sun was beginning to set and I looked up the nearest coffee shop to me. My GPS pinged me back with Method Cycle & Craft House. Didn’t sound like a coffee place but I was eager to find out. I parked out front and to my amazement there were a ton of bike racks and the window read “BEER BIKES COFFEE.” This is my kind of place.

I headed through the glass doors to discover one of my favorite designed coffee shops. I enjoyed the cement floors, reclaimed wood, industrial lighting, exposed wood ceiling, and handbuilt table and chairs. There was some cool artwork hanging on the walls by the artist, Jeff Iwanski @jdiwanski, consisting of eyeballs, birds, and smiles. Straight back there was a full-service bike shop for repairs, tools, and gear. I spotted the most perfect sign that read, “Filter coffee, not people.” I headed up to the bar to grab a seat.

At the bar, I was greeted by the barista, Karynn, she loved my shirt and asked what it meant. I explained that I am traveling the country checking out coffee shops and she was excited that I happened to stop here. She has been working here for the past three years and really enjoys it. She gave me a little rundown on the coffee shop and said they serve coffee, beer, cocktails, and fix bikes. 

They have 14 craft beers on tap and most of them are local. The chai, vanilla, lavender, and orange syrups are all homemade. They offer free WIFI for customers and each barista gets to choose which music to play during their shift. Karynn told me it can be anything from jazz to hip-hop, cottonmouth, indie soul, or good news for people that like bad news. The coffee shop is open till 10:00 p.m. and the bike shop closes at 6 p.m. The artwork is local and changes monthly on the first Friday. 


While interviewing Karynn, I asked her if I could please order a cup of black coffee. She poured me a fresh one and told me that their roaster is Archetype out of Omaha, NE and I should check them out. It was piping hot but it smelled delicious and I couldn’t resist a sip. It was full of notes and hit the spot after a long day on the road. They offered all sorts of coffee drinks and one was even an espresso soda, I regret not trying it. Two drinks she recommended was the Plum Cider - apple cider, cinnamon, plum tea. The other was Velo Orange which was an iced orange cortado which sounded good!


Method offers a few sweet treats to fill you up. The pastries were mainly made in house or by a local bakery, Le Quartier. There were muffins, pain au chocolat, cinnamon rolls, danish, and quiche. If you were in the mood for something more different, they had nuts, olives, bread & oil, hummus plate, cheese plate, and a charcuterie plate. I heard good things about their homemade granola as well, you could pair it with fresh fruit and milk or fresh fruit and yogurt. Check out the Tasty Tidbit later in the article for a Method insider.

Bike Shop

There is a complete full-service bike shop in the back of Method. I was highly impressed and if many of you don’t know already, I love cycling and I’ve even ridden across the United States. This made me really happy to see that they offer a plethora of tools and a pump for customers even when the bike shop part of Method is closed. Funny story, I was taking photos of the pump and tools when a random girl comes up and asks me if I can please help fill up her back tire because her valve stem was acting weird. I didn’t work there, but I was honored to do it for her. Maybe I just look like a coffee drinking cyclist. Method is a meeting spot for many cycle clubs and running clubs in Lincoln, NE. They even host bike packing classes for people interesting in touring as well. Join one of the clubs, they get discounts on drinks, can’t beat that! Shoutout to Karynn for opening the closed bike shop I could see it.

Tasty Tidbit

Make a note, Method serves some tasty housemade liege (Belgian) waffles every Saturday and Sunday until noon. They sounded amazing and they are always a big hit, don’t miss out! Next time I’m in Lincoln, this is my first stop.


The bathroom was good, nothing special. It had everything you needed and even a plug if you had to charge your phone I suppose. I will give them credit for the stall because it looks like they built it with very similar construction as the tables. It was clean, no complaints. I will be ranking this bathroom a 7.5/10, I think they should add some cool bike touches.

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