Cafe Pacifica #8

1821 Palmetto Ave. Pacifica, CA
Contact: 650-438-1808
IG @cafepacifica

Date Visited: September 12, 2019

Me at Cafe Pacifica

It was the crack of dawn. Early. My body has been trying to adjust to this Pacific Coast time but I think all the caffeine and lack of a real bed is throwing me off. Then I heard it. An elderly bunch on their morning stroll, the type that woke up before the sun. I could tell from their energy that they’ve had their coffee this morning. They were only a few cars away, narrowing in on my location and I hear, “Oh wow Texas plates!” And at this very moment, I knew she was going to lose her mind when she read “Maryland”. Boy was I right. Loud enough to wake every van-lifer on the block she goes, “Oh my goodness! This one is from Maryland!" It did leave me smiling realizing that I was not dreaming and I am actually in California living my dream.

With that, it was time to get up and grab some grub. Tried to fix up the bed a bit but I wasn’t kidding anyone, this is van life. Brushed my teeth, washed up, and started up the van. I was headed to a little place called Cafe Pacifica in Pacifica, California. Driving down the main street, I found the cute little cafe and a spot right in front! Knew it was going to be a good day.

My van at Cafe Pacifica

Walked up the ramp and admired all of the beautifully painted signage. This is a perfect little beach house with buoys and lights strung across the rafters. Headed inside where you can find a few tables and a comfy bench in the corner. It gave off an enjoyable beach vibe with boating, surfing, and ocean decor. Greeted by a very friendly barista, I placed my order for a medium coffee. She informed me that there was a minimum with credit cards, so I figured now’s probably the best time to have breakfast. 

After scanning the menu, the breakfast wrap was calling my name. I mean come on, what sounds better than 3 eggs, cheese, avocado, and mango peach salsa. Done deal.

I was handed a cup for coffee and headed over to the bar. There were three options for coffee: French roast, Cafe Pacifica “Kona”, and Italian roast. I went for the Kona and splashed a bit of milk in there so I could satisfy my craving sooner and cool it down. It was tasty.

Coffee at Cafe Pacifica

I talked to the barista while I waited and found out a bit more than the eye could see. The coffee shop has been around for roughly 20 years, changing owners a couple of times. The current owner has been running the cafe for the past 4 years. I loved the aquamarine-colored walls, hand-painted murals, and the long list of food options. Mainly locals come in during the week, but travelers often trickled in more towards the weekend. 

Then I heard, “Spencer.” It was like a calling from the food Gods. Picked up the wrap and headed out to the patio to destroy this thing. Sun coming down, seagulls overhead, and coffee in hand, things are good.After celebrating 26 birthdays you would think I could figure out how to unwrap this thing. I finally figured it out and damn did it looked good. Counted my blessings and chowed down.

Breakfast wrap at Cafe Pacifica

If you come through this spot, get the wrap! You will be very pleased. You know when you can taste the freshness of the ingredients, well this gets a personal rating of 10/10. I am hungry again just writing about it. A perfect little spot to take the pup, a date, or the family.

Do they have a bathroom? Yes, they do! And a very cool one. A full underwater mural of sharks and fish swimming around the room. Some real talent went into painting this bathroom and with that, I give it a10/10. And don’t worry, if you fall in there’s a buoy hanging above the toilet!

Bathroom at Cafe PacificaOutside of Cafe PacificaDog treats at Cafe PacificaSeating area in Cafe PacificaMenu at Cafe PacificaMenu and coffee bar at Cafe PacificaOutside seating at Cafe PacificaCouch seating at Cafe PacificaPlants outside of Cafe Pacifica

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