Old Shasta Coffee Company #28

2275 Eureka Way San Francisco, CA
Contact: 530-768-1561
IG @old_shasta_coffee_company

Date Visited: October 4, 2019

Me out front of Old Shasta Coffee Company

In the town of Redding, California there must be some good coffee, considering there are 91,000 people. Well, guess what, I found it! What better way than a fresh cup of coffee from Old Shasta Coffee Company. I had just driven over 18 hours eastbound on rt. 299 when I happened to stumble upon a sign that read "Coffee." I did a quick turnaround and parked the van. 

I walked up to the cutest little yellow tables out front and headed inside. I came to fill my craving for coffee and hoped they had something to eat, I was too exhausted to interview today. There was even a couch right when I walked in that was calling my name. I couldn't wait to plop my butt down on that, so many coffee shops have gotten rid of their comfy couches to make room for more tables. I ordered a medium-dark roast and a black bean burrito. They offered to heat it for me and asked me if I'd like sour cream and salsa on the side. They couldn't have been friendlier. I stayed for about two hours relaxing and sorting out my future travels. What I enjoyed was listening to the way they accommodated every customer, the same wonderful customer service even minutes before closing. I told them I'd be back tomorrow and headed out.

Delicious wrap at Old Shasta Coffee Company

Fast forward to the next day. I walked in and ordered the same thing. This time I was approached by two different baristas who also displayed great customer service. I knew I had to interview Old Shasta Coffee Company and find out more. I saw a woman behind the counter who seemed to be conducting everything, so I walked up and introduced myself. Her name is Jodi, the co-owner, she was pleased to hear what I was doing. She cleaned up the counter and came over to have a coffee with me.

She told me all about the business. This building used to be an old Thrift store and her and her husband, Eric, jumped on the opportunity when they saw it going out of business. First, they gutted the entire space, ripping up carpet, painting walls, and installing lighting. Second, they worked together to build the counters, the bar, and the ceiling. Most importantly, they made sure to fill the coffee shop with a few of the things they love. Jodi and Eric share a passion for flying. There are photos of them flying planes, little metal planes on the counter, and even a freaking propeller on the back wall! Yet, still holding the cozy, homie, clean vibe that I love to relax and do my coffee reviews in.

Renovation photos of Old Shasta Coffee Company

Jodi seemed to have this place so figured out, I had to ask her how long they've been running OSCC. I was shocked to find out only 8 months. They were doing a phenomenal job. They have local highschoolers put their work in here and offer it to other artists in the area as well. A sandwich shop a few doors down had closed weeks after they opened, so Jodi took it upon herself to make fresh meals inhouse to offer customers. That was a genius move on her part. If you happen to be looking in the case, all the food on the bottom shelf was made in house.

Eric and Jodi had met in Seattle where they were both roasting coffee beans. I guess you could say, their love for coffee brought them together. Eric was such an awesome person to meet as well. He was stoked to take me outside and show me his recent purchase of a 1963 milk truck that was going to be customized to be an Old Shasta Coffee Company mobile coffee truck. How freaking cool!

The owners of Old Shasta Coffee Company

And to answer your final question... the coffee was delicious! Jodi sought out a dark roast that wouldn't taste burnt. Instead, it is full of notes and a smooth bold flavor. I tend to change my preferences pretty often but this was the best dark roast I think I've ever had. Jodi has even been told that people come here specifically for this dark roast. Refills are only .50¢ so drink up and stay as long as you'd like! I'll be back to visit. These are two coffee shop owners that I can now call friends.

The baristas and owner at Old Shasta Coffee Company

Their bathroom was clean, fairly large, modern, and has everything you may need. The bathroom key comes on a giant iron fork! I will be ranking this one a perfect 10/10.

The bathroom at Old Shasta Coffee CompanyThe inside of Old Shasta Coffee CompanyThe menu at Old Shasta Coffee CompanyFather and son hanging out at Old Shasta Coffee CompanyThe sign out front of Old Shasta Coffee CompanyPlane photos of the owners of Old Shasta Coffee CompanyPhotos of the owners of Old Shasta Coffee CompanyPhoto of the owner roasting coffee

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