Beans & Brews Coffee House #40

Beans & Brews
906 500 E. Salt Lake City, UT Get Directions
Contact: 801-521-5221
IG @beansandbrews
Date Visited: October 26, 2019

I had just arrived in Salt Lake City and I needed coffee, bad. I opened my GPS and the closest place to me was Beans & Brews. A great little coffee shop with a huge sign out front that reads "Salt Lake's Finest." It was pretty cool and clearly the place to be that morning as it was bustling with customers. Seemed like everyone knew each other here. I stepped up and introduced myself to the baristas who were thrilled that I stopped in. Unfortunately, I came to learn that this company was a little bigger than I initially thought with over 50 locations. But, I was here and they were amiable so I want to leave a review.

I ended up meeting Emma, Jacie, and Myles. They were all super friendly baristas who seemed to love their job. I was pretty stoked to find out that this place is their first location, over 26 years old. Tons of people come here to do homework and they offer free wifi. They pride themselves on being dog-friendly and claim to know 90% of the regular customers by name. Their most popular drink right now is a white chocolate mocha with Irish cream. I'm unable to interpret my notes so if you find out the name of the drink please write it below in the comments for a free Find That Coffee sticker.

Beans n Brews is heavily involved in the community and participates in many events at the park. Additionally, they support a lot of local pastry artists as well by selling their products. Beans and Brews offers a great variety of coffee roasts. They take a lot of pride in their beans and are known for their High Altitude Roasting. Their website says, "In general, roasting beans too hot or too long results in scorched or “baked” coffee—to avoid this, you want to roast them at the lowest possible temperature for the least possible amount of time. In the higher, thinner air of our mountain valley, this is much easier. And we can achieve a smoother, more intense flavor than you could anywhere else."
Fascinating! This shop was just as cool. Hope you enjoy the pics!

Pretty bummed about the bland bathrooms. I have to give them a 6/10: very dull. They should incorporate their exciting brand somehow. Maybe a coffee plant mural or some photos of their process. It just felt like I was in a boring fast-food restaurant bathroom.

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