Bjorn's Brew #57

Bjorn’s Brew
2165 State St. South Salt Lake, UT Get Directions Drive-thru Available
Contact: 801-935-4445
Date Visited: October 31, 2019

Drink Coffee. Save Animals.

You should be saying, "Sorry, I have plans with my dog." Then, head over to Bjorn's Brew in Salt Lake City, UT, and treat yourselves. I was hooked the minute I saw the cute pup on their sign. I pulled in and parked, very excited to learn about them and try their coffee! 

I was heading inside when I noticed their spacious patio. It was a chilly Halloween day but I'm sure it's wonderful to sit here and relax in the summer. The inside was gorgeous and clean. You know the feeling when you walk into a high-end hotel lobby. They must've had a really good interior decorator in here because I was loving the minimalist yet cozy vibe. Full of polished wooden tables, large booths, tons of natural light, and tons of photos of dogs around the cafe. I even spotted a sign that read, "Trick or Treat for Kids: Enjoy a Hot Chocolate or Cold Chocolate Milk!!" I found this to be a very generous offer to the children stopping in.

I stepped up to the counter where I met Wayne Campbell from Wayne's World and super-friendly pumpkin! Their real names were Rob and Sam, they were pretty stoked I was passing through. I swear they had a smile on their face the whole time and I could tell how much they love working here. Sam has been here since this location opened up in the summer of 2018. She ended up helping me with all of my questions and Rob held down the drive-thru so Sam wouldn't be interrupted. They were a great duo and excellent baristas.

Sam told me that Bjorn's Brew was started in 2008, but changed owners in 2014. Since then it has grown and even opened a second shop, the one we were standing in. It was named after the owner's dog, Bjorn, an Australian Shepherd. Bjorn's Brew is local and family-owned with a strong purpose to serve delicious quality coffee, all while donating proceeds to animal charities!

Punch Card

Most coffee shops offer punch cards but these were a little different. When you reach 10 punches/purchases, Bjorn's Brew makes a $1 donation to an animal charity in the area. Some of their main charities right now are Nuzzles & Co., Best Friends Animal Hospital, Street Dawg Crew of Utah, and Salt Lake County Animal Services. Here's one of my favorite things I learned! In 2019, Bjorn's Brew donated $14,877 to various animal charities! So, make sure you ask your barista for a punch card when you visit, and be sure to fill it up! The cards are valid at both of their locations and they are always looking for new charities to support so do not hesitate to reach out to them.


I ordered a regular cup of coffee and it was served in the cutest doggie mug. My coffee tasted exceptionally fresh so I went back up and asked Rob who their roaster was. He told me they use a local roaster called Meridian Coffee Company. They are out of Murray, Utah, and have been roasting since 1993. I discovered a plack on the counter that awarded Bjorn's Brew for the '2019 Best of South Salt Lake' for Best Coffee.

Ginger Bread Cookie

Here is a fun fact I must include. They serve a gingerbread cookie with every coffee. It's their signature move and even more impressive is the fact that it's shaped like a dog treat, but let me reassure you on the taste. Hands down one of the best gingerbread cookies I've had in years! Are you worried your furry friends may feel left out? Don't be, the baristas have real doggy bones ready to spoil your pup. 


There is a great selection of cafe-style food options. The cases are full of yummy looking treats like danishes, muffins, and pumpkin bars. Another great option is the stuffed croissants which sounded amazing. For instance, you could have your croissant filled with; spinach feta, turkey pesto, or even chocolate. Also, the turkey melt on ciabatta sounded wonderful.

Pet of the Week

Bjorn's Brew hosts a Pet of the Week contest. It is free to sign up and submit a picture of your pup. You will have a chance to have your canine companion featured for customers to enjoy and you will be given a Bjorn's Brew Gift Card! I will have to submit this picture of my family's dog, you guys would love her! Meet Belle.


The bathrooms were immaculate. There were two, they were fully stocked, and super clean. I really enjoyed the puppy pictures they had hanging in both bathrooms. Great job, I will be ranking these restrooms a perfect 10/10.

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