Blue Copper #43

Blue Copper
179 W 900 S Salt Lake City, UT Get Directions
Contact: 385-222-7046
WWW.BLUECOPPERSLC.COM IG @bluecoppercoffee
Date Visited: October 26, 2019

How can you pass up a spot that everyone’s talking about? Folks I had previously met raved about this place. I had to find out what all the hype was about. As I pulled up, I was met with a massive sign painted on the side of the shop that read, "FRESH COFFEE. Hot or Cold." I knew I was in the right spot – you couldn’t miss it. 

I walked around to the patio and saw a “Blue Copper” neon sign and below was a sign that pointed me to the "Coffee Room." Inside I was greeted with a cheerful ”hello!” from Jason and Madison, the friendly baristas behind the counter. I told Jason why I stopped in, to which he asked what he could start brewing for me while I asked him questions. "What's your most popular drink?" I said. He replied, "Cortado is one of them." I joyfully responded, "Perfect, that sounds great." It was: he crafted one of the most gorgeous cortados I've ever seen.

I bounced questions off of Jason and Madison and they did a great job answering everything. Blue Copper was one of the first Third Wave coffee shops in Salt Lake City. If you aren't sure what that means, Third Wave is a coffee movement of consumers and producers that take their coffee very seriously. They are highly focused on the coffee beans, production, and taste-quality of their coffee. Before Blue Copper, this shop used to be called No Brow, run by a guy named Joe Evans. It changed to Blue Copper about four years ago and is now run by a guy named Patrick. He is both the owner and roaster here.

Fun fact about Blue Copper is that they have a new roast monthly. Different single origins all of the time. Hungry while picking up your coffee and beans? You can grab a locally made pastry to go with it. Other popular drinks were the flat white, americano, and hot chocolate. I could count on this statistic because Jason had been in the coffee business for over eight years, he knew his stuff!

I was happy to discover some unique touches in this shop. First, they used the 2019 winning Lino coffee mugs by NotNeutral. These mugs were designed in collaboration with award-winning baristas to create the perfect cups for specialty coffee. This was my first encounter with the mug and I'll be honest, I enjoyed the shape and feel a lot. Second, they had tons of cool merch. If I had more room in the van I would've bought a few shirts and a hat. Third, happy to hear that they offered free WIFI. Lastly, as I walked around I couldn't help but spot a freaking grand piano! Gutted and hung on the wall vertically. I love art and I really appreciated the quirky qualities of this piece. Led to so many questions in my head: Who played it? Why is it here? How old is it?

Which led me to meet the gentleman at the bottom of this picture. He had a van too and planned to travel soon. We talked about van life, coffee, and adventure for a good half hour. I really enjoy interactions like this when checking out a coffee shop. You may walk in alone, but almost always walk out having met a new friend or two. I’m sure you will also have a wonderful experience here, please add Blue Copper to your coffee shop bucket list!

The bathroom had a lock on it: they must get a lot of crazy visitors. No worries though, I got the code and snapped a picture for you. Super clean bathroom with a really nice tile on the walls and toilet paper fully stocked. I would rank this bathroom a perfect 10/10, great job.

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