Cafe Gebo #60

Cafe Gebo
673 E Simpson Ave. S Salt Lake City, UT Get Directions
Contact: 801-487-0980
IG @cafegebo
Date Visited: October 31, 2019

Wouldn't it be cool to mix a coffee cafe with a shop that sells hand-crafted and unique gift items from all over the world? Well, I found it! It was the afternoon of Halloween in Salt Lake City, Utah, when I had a sudden urge for coffee. I decided I was going to go check out Cafe Gebo. The barista at Greenhouse Effect, Anna, had recommended this coffee shop. She told me, "There's coffee and stones if you're into that kind of thing."

The Coffee
I headed inside and was quickly amazed by the size of this place! Turned right and there I was, standing in Cafe Gebo. A few people were trickling out, some people were holding a coffee and one had a smoothie. There were tons of neat lights, decorated tables, and paintings on the walls. I stepped up to the counter and ordered a small coffee. Before I could properly introduce myself, the barista, Addi, was complimenting my Find That Coffee t-shirt. She handed me my coffee and was very impressed by everywhere I've been so far in Salt Lake City. She proudly informed me that the delicious coffee I was drinking comes from Caffe Ibis Coffee Roasting Company from Logan, Utah.

Addi was extremely friendly and helpful while I fired questions off at her. If she is working when you visit please tell her I say hello. Fun fact, Cafe Gebo used to be called Cafe Solstice for the past 10 years, but as of 4 months ago from Halloween 2019, it has since changed names. Cafe Gebo shares the same roof with Dancing Crane Imports, an awesome store full of worldly treasures, I will cover them later on in this article. Customers will come here to meet friends, relax, or work on their computer. And yes, they do offer free WIFI to customers. The music was great when I was there, very relaxing. Don't forget, when you bring your own mug or glass you will receive 20% off of your order.

Cafe Gebo offers tons of amazing food options. Everything they serve is at least vegetarian and many of the food items are vegan. The pastries are vegan and gluten-free, WOW they looked good!

There are some fun unique things Cafe Gebo does that makes them stand out from other coffee shops I've been to so far. First, they make a different flavored muffin each morning, being both homemade and organic. Second, they offer a special drink daily. The day I was there the specialty drink was The Samhain Chai Latte; housemade cinnamon apple spice syrup, Sattwa Chai, shots of espresso, and your choice of milk. Third, they offer three different food specials every week. That day the specials happened to be roasted ginger carrot soup and tomato pesto pizza, YUM! And I was happy to learn that they were both vegan options.

Dancing Crane
This is the shop right next to the coffee shop. Full of so many wonderful things such as crystals, clothing, drums, bowls, and many other holistic and spiritual items. There was even a massive Koi pond in the middle of the store with some gorgeous crane sculptures. You could spend hours walking around enjoying your coffee and feeling zen. I browsed the glass cases full of crystals, gems, and other rocks.

Out of nowhere, these little energy bead bracelets caught my eye. I asked the girl behind the counter, Jessie, for some assistance on each stone and what it means. I told Jessie what I was doing and all about my travels. She told me how she lived in an RV and she too has traveled, you just never know how cool people are until you introduce yourself. She helped me pick out two bracelets that will help keep me grounded and safe during my travels. Fun fact, I have never taken them off to this day.

Before I was leaving Jessie jokingly asked if I wanted any Halloween candy. I told her I would love some and she hands me a baggy of candy rocks. These have to be the most authentic-looking rock candy I have ever seen. I was so nervous they might've mixed them up or a little kid put regular stones back in the pile. I really didn't want to crack a tooth on Halloween! Definitely add both of these places to your coffee-shop bucket list!

The bathroom was super clean, but I was really hoping they would have had some spiritual designs on the walls. Though it was fully stocked with paper towels and toilet paper, I am going to rank this an 8/10.

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