Eva's Bakery #49

Eva’s Bakery
155 Main St. Salt Lake City, UT Get Directions
Contact: 801-355-3942
IG @evasbakery
Date Visited: October 27, 2019

On a rainy Sunday, nothing beats a nice coffee shop. Even better than that, one with French inspiration. I parked the van in front of the cutest blue and yellow shop, Eva's Bakery. I usually don't explore bakeries, but it had received so much praise from people that I met in Salt Lake City – plus they had coffee so I had to check it out.

Located downtown, in the heart of everything, it stood out in the cutest way. I ran inside and was suddenly overwhelmed by the charm this coffee shop gave off. The coolest antique tile floors, the most attractive macarons, the lighting, the French artwork, and most of all the croissants – they looked too good to be true! Suddenly a handful of friendly baristas greeted me. They loved my shirt and as I told them what I was doing, they all listened eagerly. They were so excited to show me around and tell me about Eva's, I could honestly tell how much they loved their job. They happily posed for me at the front of the shop.

The Bakery
Eva's Bakery has been open for about eight years now, and from what I could tell, it was a staple in the community. All the customers that finished eating were wishing the employees a genuine "goodbye" and "see you soon." I asked how the bakery got its name and that's when I was told the coolest story. Eva Coombs is the great grandmother of the owner, Charlie Perry, and he opened this lovely shop in her honor. Eva was an exquisite chef who had a love for both love and butter. Charlie grew up learning Eva's many great recipes and French cooking style. He opened Eva's Bakery and restaurant in her honor. And I think he did a fabulous job, she would be extremely pleased to see where it's at today.

This shop had it all figured out! The syrups for the drinks were all made in-house, they offered WIFI, and the flour was sourced locally. The most popular drink right now at the Bakery is the Au Meil Latte, a seasonal drink. Constructed of 2 shots of espresso, local organic honey, cinnamon, cream (or milk of your choice), and topped with cinnamon. And if you come here to eat, they offer a full breakfast/lunch menu and tons of seating in the back. Wow, I was impressed! The baristas told me that Eva's (restaurant) has amazing gnocchi and Brussels sprouts if I was deciding I didn't already have dinner plans. Next time I'm in town, that's the first place I'm stopping.

I know you're eager to read about the pastries and you should be! These were some of the best looking treats I have ever seen and they are all made in-house. I thought for sure they were plastic, but nope! They ended up giving me a handful of them before I left, I was so thankful. I ended up coming an hour before closing so the fresh breads had all been sold and they began cleaning up. I still had to hold back salivating as I was staring at lemon pound cake, coconut macarons, chocolate croissants, pumpkin chocolate chip loaf, and so many other delicious pastries. I wish I was there right now from writing this article!

Kouign Amann
The barista, Noelle, asked if I've ever had a "Kouign Amann" and I quickly replied, "A what!?" In short, this pastry is a sugary pastry dough that's been glazed with sugar and butter, making this now one of my favorite desserts. You have to try it. It's originally an Algerian pastry that was brought to France and then made its way to Bretagne. If you ever come to Salt Lake City, this is a must-try!

The coffee was delicious; they gifted me a fresh cup. This was definitely one of those moments where you wish you could bring your family and let them share in such a great experience with you. Coffee for my dad and delicious hot chocolate for my mom and sister. Not to mention, their service center was delightful, full of everything you may need. I must say, this felt like the closest I've ever been to Paris in my life, I loved it!

The bathroom was super cute and fit the style of the whole shop. Very well curated and fully stocked. Very clean for the end of the day, good job, I’d rank it an 8/10.

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