Publik Coffee Roasters #42

975 S W Temple Salt Lake City, UT
Contact: 801-355-3161
IG @publikcoffee

Date Visited: October 26, 2019

Me at Publik Coffee Roasters

Dang, this building was gigantic! I had no idea what I was about to walk in to. With a sign on the front reading Publik, I knew I had to be in the right place. With great reviews on Google and a sign on the building that read “COFFEE” bigger than most coffee shops alone, I was pretty pumped to head inside.

Outside of Publik Coffee Roasters

Let me start by saying, “This place is HUGE!” I loved everything they did with this old printing press warehouse, consisting of cement floors, tons of natural light, and what looks to be reclaimed wood. I headed up to the counter and introduced myself to the super friendly staff behind it. This is when I metCarly, the master baker, who was training Mitchell. He had only been here a few days, but you could feel his excitement to be working here. Carly was awesome, I threw questions at her left and right and she answered every one of them.

Inside seating at Publik Coffee Roasters

I ended up learning that Publik Coffee Roasters has four locations. The one I was standing in, absolutely loving, was over five years old. I was happy to hear that they roast their own coffee. Then, Carly pointed at the glass room to the left of us and I could see the gorgeous roaster staring back. Publik stands for community and that was clearly visible. People were eating, studying, talking to friends, and most notably on their laptops cranking out work. This was exactly what Carly told me next, emphasizing their mission to give people a place to do homework, with WIFI offered to customers. She told me that there were conference rooms upstairs that people could rent if they needed. I didn’t even realize there was an upstairs! I ordered a coffee and began my adventure.

My mug at Publik Coffee Roasters

Wow, the layout was neat, packed with people but hardly noticeable considering how big the building was. I made my way up the stone staircase to the second floor and there were tons of tables. Certainly a place I would work if I lived here. Moreover, this whole building was extremely clean and an easy place to focus/study. The conference rooms had HUGE glass sliding doors, a TV screen with HDMI hookups, and the perfect industrial feel with zero distractions. I headed back downstairs to see if I could find out more about the coffee.

Upstairs seating at Publik Coffee Roasters

This is when I met Scarlette, she was slinging coffee and pouring more drinks than I could count.Reminded me of a cartoon octopus with eight drinks being juggled at once. Yet, she still managed to answer my questions with a smile on her face while making perfect drinks – definitely not her first day on the job. The most popular drinks are the lattes and more specifically, the Gryffindor. The Gryffindor latte consisted of a home-made butternut squash sauce, brown sugar, and hints of nostalgic autumn spices, served hot or iced. I regret not trying it while I was there. Their chai, syrups, and caramel were all made inhouse. They purchase local cheeses, milk, and flour. And lastly, I come to find out that this place is powered with 65 solar panels on the roof to lessen their carbon footprint. I can’t wait to go back.

Latte at Publik Coffee Roasters

The bathrooms were immaculate. Covered in faux green vegetation and reclaimed wood, I was digging it.Loved the industrial vibe they were giving off and the massive tub-like sink. Ladies to the left and Men to the right, perfectly divided and clean. The bathroom was pristine to my surprise, considering the coffeeshop was packed! I’m going to have to give this restroom a 10/10, there was more than enough toilets and six rolls of extra toilet paper ready to go, great job.

Merchandise at Publik Coffee RoastersBaristas at Publik Coffee RoastersConference room at Publik Coffee RoastersOutside of Publik Coffee RoastersEnergy saving poster at Publik Coffee RoastersThe bathroom at Publik Coffee RoastersUpstairs at Publik Coffee Roasters

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