Rawbean Coffee #44

Rawbean Coffee
611 S W Temple Salt Lake City, UT Drive-thru Available
Contact: 801-990-2326
IG @rawbeancoffee 

Date Visited: October 26, 2019

Me at Rawbean Coffee

I was heading to Raw Bean in a bit of traffic when two cars in front of me turned into Raw Bean’s drive-thru and even the car behind me. This must be a happening spot! Instead, I parked my car, eager to interview them and check out what was in this giant red cement building with coffee written all over it. These were my kind of people.

The drive thru at Rawbean Coffee

I threw the van in park and headed inside. I made sure not to get run over running across the drive-thru line. Stepped inside and was suddenly greeted by a choir of “Hellos.” This is when I met Kayla, Sam, and Crystal. They were cranking out coffee orders, one on the drive-thru mic, and two of them serving up drinks. All working together and extremely polite when I told them what I was doing.

Baristas at Rawbean Coffee

I found out that I was actually in the original Raw Bean location and it started here in 2006. They offer WIFI to customers and tons of seating downstairs or upstairs. Their most popular drink right now is the caramel americano. First time I have ever heard a coffee shop say that answer. Raw Bean offers yogurt, bread, croissants, and other cafe goodies. They pride themselves on having sustainably sourced and locally roasted coffee. I was very happy to hear that.

Iced coffee at Rawbean Coffee

At this location, Raw Bean does a majority of its business through the drive-thru. They had it set up perfectly, down to a science. Tons of room for cars coming and going. They even offer dog treats to customers who stop by with their pups.

Drive thru at Rawbean Coffee

I was eager to see what was upstairs when suddenly they handed me an iced latte as a gift: it was so refreshing. I don’t know about you, but after drinking hot coffee all the time an iced one can be quite the treat! The flavor of the coffee was very good and I really enjoyed it while walking around this place. I headed upstairs and to my surprise, there were over six couches! This was my kind of coffee shop heaven.If I was a local, I would regularly come here to kick back and relax. You guys get a comfy award that’s for sure. Really glad I stopped in and I look forward to coming back.

Seating area at Rawbean Coffee

The bathroom was nothing special, Raw Bean green and white. I was happy to see the extra toilet paper but they definitely have the space to spice it up a bit. They should paint a big coffee plant on the wall like they have throughout the building or hang a few pictures of coffee. With nothing overly exciting, I am going to rank this bathroom a 7/10.

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