Tinker's Cat Cafe #41

302 E. 900 S. Salt Lake City, UT
Contact: 801-519-2287
IG @tinkerscatcafe

Date Visited: October 26, 2019

Me at Tinker's Cat Cafe

Have you ever heard of a cat cafe? Me neither! Tinker’s Cat Cafe is the very first of it’s kind in Salt Lake City. I was excited; a place where my love for cats and coffee collide. While I was there, the cafe was home to 14 cats, all of which are up for adoption. The cats are well taken care of with plenty of food, water, attention, and lounge space including a wall of shelves, perfectly arranged for the cats to climb and hang out. November 4, 2019, marked two years since Tinker’s opened; when I visited in October they had reached 138 cats adopted and counting.

Cat room at Tinker's Cat Cafe

After introducing myself to some of the cats, I met Mo, the barista, who was very nice and gladly answered all of my questions. Tinker’s serves drip coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and espresso beverages, including a handful of specialty cat-themed drinks. Currently, the most popular drinks are the Meow –vanilla, caramel, and espresso latte – and the Dark Sphynx, which is a latte flavored with chocolate and raspberry.

Barista at Tinker's Cat Cafe

Tinker’s is the best place for animal lovers or people who can’t currently have a pet. The cafe isn’t funded by any groups so every dollar raised or donated helps to keep this place up and running. They are currently charging a small admission fee of $8.55 to play with the cats for an hour, it goes towards food, water, kitty litter, and everything else the cats may need. The staff kindly allowed me to walk in and take photos of the cats so that you can see what it’s all about.

Cat at Tinker's Cat Cafe

Tinker’s has a wonderful assortment of cat things. Collars, keychains, watercolor prints, mugs, shirts, magnets, and everything else you could think of, it was great! I especially enjoyed the cat-themed chessboard on the table. Not to mention, the phenomenal cat art on the wall was all done by a local artist.If you are a cat lover, you need to check this place out!

Leashes at Tinker's Cat Cafe

The bathroom gets a score of 8/10. It was clean and they went the extra mile of putting a little vinyl cat-chase-mouse decal on the light switch. Love it.

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