Chalos #15

2240 Taraval St. San Francisco, CA
Contact: 415-562-7752
IG @chalos.sf

Date Visited: September 17, 2019

Barista at Chalos

Rise and shine my friends! This is the place to be. Full of sunshine and good vibes. Even their mugs says Good Mornin'! I was walking down the street in the Sunset District of San Francisco when I came across Chalos. I think it was my love for graphic design that connected with Chalos. They nailed the colors, font, and layout. I had to go in and check it out, plus empanadas and churros at a coffee shop, I couldn’t wait.

Before I could even get through their front door, the specials menu had my mouth watering. I now had huge expectations, really hoping I wouldn't be let down. The inside was full of raw woodcut tables, clean white walls, and sweet retro lighting. The menu was huge, you will not go hungry. Between the pastries, toast, sandwiches, and churros, my morning was about to get so much better. Not to mention, the coffee menu was full of options. After reading all fifteen options of empanadas, I was afraid the barista was going to mistake my stomach growl for my order. I decided to go with a medium coffee and empanadas number 4 and 13. The barista was kind enough to follow up with me and to ask which ones I would like fried or baked.

Empanadas at Chalos

Picked up my fresh brew that had the most delicious smell. But I needed to let it sit and cool, it was hot! This roast was made by a pretty well-known company called Sight Glass. I hadn't had it till right now, but it tasted very smooth. Then my empanadas were ready and I couldn't wait to dig in. The one I had fried was #13 which consisted of mushrooms, onions, and mozzarella cheese. I had #4 baked, this one was full of chicken, tomatoes, onions, and red bell peppers. Oh, my expectations were fully succeeded!

This little coffee shop was sweet, very minimal but set up for a large group of people to come in and read, study, catch-up, or meet for a wonderful first date. The color scheme just put me in the best mood, I had to find out more. This is when I became friends with Eric, the barista. Chalos is 5 months old and serves Argentinian style empanadas and churros. He informed me about the "Chalos Special." This drink consists of cold brew coffee, an original Mexican Coca-Cola, fresh whipped cream, and cherries. Damn, sounds good, promised him I'd get it the next time I came through. This coffee shop makes it very high on my list, they did a great job of maxing out my expectations. Worth a visit!

Inside seating at Chalos

Before Chalos was here, it was an Irish style restaurant. Dark and dingy, not terrible, but very different than this coffee shop. They did a lot of renovations to completely change this vibe of this place. But the part that cracked me up was the bathroom at the end of the bowling alley hallway. Small restroom but it had everything you needed and for that, it gets a 10/10. I found it very cool how the bathroom was fully lit by the massive skylight in the ceiling, I didn't even need to turn the light on.

The bathroom at ChalosCoffee station at ChalosMe at ChalosInside seating and window views at ChalosMy van in front of Chalos

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