Java Beach Cafe #14

2650 Sloat Blvd. San Francisco, CA
Contact: 415-731-2965
IG @javabeachsf

Date Visited: September 16, 2019

Me at Java Beach Cafe

What do you call a sad cup of coffee?
A depresso

Well, I was definitely not depressed! I parked right in front of Java Beach Cafe and headed in for a quick cup of coffee. This was a pretty large cafe and full of people. The inside is very reminiscent of the wooden beach cafes you may find on the East Coast. Wooden floors, tables, chairs, doors, and window frames. The windows were propped wide to let fresh air in. I really enjoyed all the sunlight coming in. Great place to sit and envision the wonderful day ahead.

I stepped up to the counter and conducted a quick interview knowing how busy everyone is. I was happy to learn that they roast their own beans because there were a bunch! Java Beach has been a staple in the community for well over 25 years, now that's something to be proud of. There are people that have come back time and time again. This location that I'm at is actually only 10-11 years old but their older location is right up the road a few blocks. I enjoyed how friendly and willing the baristas were to answer my questions. My last question was, "Which roast would you recommend?" And Bella the barista responded, "Mix Colombian and Bernie's Blend together, it tastes really good."

The coffee options at Java Beach Cafe

I took my coffee cup over to the coffee bar and poured the barista's recommendation with a splash of half-and-half. She was right, this is a very flavorful brew. This put a big smile on my face, I walked around and checked out the rest of the cafe. A fun set of artwork by Emily Fromm filled the walls, I couldn't stop looking at them to see if I recognized some of the streets in San Francisco. Headed back to the front to scan their menu and found some delicious options for breakfast, sandwiches, hot subs, and salads. On the other side of the counter was a glass case full of fresh pastries. I couldn't resist the classic blueberry muffin, quick snack before exploring more of San Francisco. Perfect place for a coffee or a wonderful place to come sit and enjoy the day, inside or outside.

Artwork at Java Beach CafeArt at Java Beach Cafe

The bathroom was nothing special but it has everything you need and for that, it gets a 10/10. Perfectly matched the coziness the cafe gave off and has a really cool California Cruis'n print on the wall. This place is worth checking out, come visit!

Muffin and coffee at Java Beach CafeCustomers ordering coffee at Java Beach Cafe

Pastries at Java Beach Cafe
Standing outside of Java Beach Cafe
The interior at Java Beach Cafe
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