The Avenues #12

3606 Taraval St. San Francisco, CA
Contact: 415-702-9198

Date Visited: September 16, 2019

Me at The Avenues

Into Surfing? Are you in San Francisco? This is the place for you. The Avenue has everything you need before or after your surf session. From the outside, you'll see a nice bench area, black paint, and a large window looking into the shop. This place is the perfect blend of minimalism, rustic, and surfing. Walking in you'll see white walls stretching to the back, wooden shelving, and surfboard racks. I was digging it.

This is when I met Andrew, the barista who was manning the counter. He wanted to know if I was in the mood for coffee or tea. I told him I was a coffee-guy and he began raving about the roast they carry, they are serving Verve coffee. This is a well-known brand out of Santa Cruz, California. I was intrigued so I ordered a cup of their fresh brew. This roast was super smooth and perfectly nourished my craving.

My coffee at The Avenues

Andrew began to ask about the meaning of my Find That Coffee shirt and what I was up to. I told him I was traveling to discover cool shops like this. He began to tell me all about the Avenue, it’s one and a half years old and has been doing really well. They teamed up with a company called AWAYCO that always people to rent surfboards. The majority of the boards in the back are in fact rentals but some are also for sale. Such a cool concept for people traveling through, it was my first time learning about this company.

I was staring at the food in the case and was curious of sushi burrito looking meal. Andrew informed me it's called Musubi, a dish that originated from the troops in Hawaii during World War 2. It is a popular snack that is composed of a slice of grilled spam or tofu, in a block of rice, wrapped together in seaweed. Sounds pretty good but I had to pass for 10:00 in the morning. They also served avocado toast and pastries if you're hungry, everything is made in house. A sweet little spot on Taraval street, definitely check it out.

Musubi at The Avenues

The bathroom was simple yet perfect. I'll give them a 10/10. Cool hexagonal floor tiles, white walls, and wooden mirror. I dig it.

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