Trouble Coffee #1

4033 Judah St. San Francisco, CA
Contact: 415-682-4732
IG @troublecoffeeco

Date Visited: September 7, 2019

Out front of Trouble Coffee
If you want a story to tell visit Trouble Coffee Co! I brought my two friends along to experience this well-known coffee shop with me. Levi has been here before but it was Christie and I’s first time. Parked a few blocks away on this foggy morning. Stood in line with quite the caffeine-dependent crowd!

A tiny little spot with a cute book store right next door. They had to put the condiment bar outside, that's how packed this coffee shop was! Got in line about 15 people deep but they were slinging java so it moved quick. We grabbed a menu so we knew what we wanted the second we got to the counter. It was filled with some delicious items! I wanted everything.

Line in front of Trouble Coffee

I ordered a latte and healthy slice of banana bread with chocolate chips. Out of nowhere, three booths opened up and we hopped on them! There was nowhere to stand inside. A beautiful wooden bar across the cafe. White walls and punk rock posters everywhere. Neon lights blaring TROUBLE coffee in the front window. Skateboard on the shelf, classic motorcycle helmet, cut out of a trumpet. It was a fun place.

My friend Levi ordering coffee

They were hollering people's orders. They screamed out, "Levi!" and we waved the kid down. Here comes the prettiest PB & Banana & Honey piece of toast I've ever seen in my life. There was easily 40 people at this exact moment and of course, the drip brew coffee maker breaks. Each barista was doing their special magic touch on the machine. Some people were getting very frustrated but there wasn't anything the guys could do, the punk music was blasting, and the espresso machine screaming from the steamed milk. It was quite a fast-paced experience. My latte was delicious and the banana bread was to die for so I left very happy.

As far as a bathroom... you're **** out of luck ha ha ha.

Condiment station at Trouble CoffeeDog at Trouble CoffeeTrouble Coffee menuCoffee machine at Trouble CoffeeMy coffee at Trouble CoffeeBanana bread and coffee at Trouble Coffee
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