Brew 95 #36

91 Melarkey St. Winnemucca, NV Drive-thru Available 
Contact: 775-625-2739
IG @brew95_winnemucca

Date Visited: October 25, 2019

Me at Brew 95

I would consider Brew 95 a perfect stop while driving across the country on Route 80. I had a very memorable experience here. The front reminded me of an old ski lodge, which was funny to me because it was about 80°F outside. The inside was set up similar to a brewery with fermentation vessels, but instead, there is a roastery attached to it. I was intrigued so I made a lap around the cafe and planted myself in front of the gorgeous San Franciscan coffee roaster.

Outside of Brew 95

This is where I met Michael, the owner of the roasting operation. Such a cool guy. We spoke for a while about coffee, life, and happiness. He has been officially roasting here since April 2019 and I think he’s been doing a damn good job. Previously, he was running a side business for years roasting locally with a small hot-top coffee roaster. Then, one day the owner of Brew 95 came up to him at Church and said, “Come roast for us.” That was the calling he needed. Michael invested in a San Franciscan coffee roaster and turned his hobby up a notch! This guy was fascinating, he was still doing this on the side while working full-time as a gold mine engineer.

Michael’s slogan for Kubes Coffee, the roasting company, is, “Coffee as it was MADE to be.” He went onto explain that a great cup of coffee does not just happen. Within each coffee bean lies this potential: to produce a beverage that tastes, smells, and even feels good. And my favorite quote that he says about all of this is, “Just like people, each coffee bean is unique and has an amazing purpose inside of it. It only takes the hand of a master to make coffee as it was made to be.” Very parallel meanings to taking control of your own life and making the most of it. I couldn’t agree more and that’s exactly what I strive to do. Make sure you tell him Spencer says hi when you stop in.

The roaster at Brew 95

I walked over to the other side which was the main coffee shop and it was super cute. Tons of fall decor, barn style designs, and a beautiful Brew 95 sign that lit up. This is when I met Ashley and Maria, two very welcoming baristas. They informed me that they serve alcoholic coffee drinks. This was the first time on my adventure that I encountered something like this. Some of their alcoholic favorites are the spiked Irish cream latte, caramel shortbread latte, and the coconut Rumchata latte. I was intrigued and if I didn’t have more shops to interview, I would’ve been down to try one. Other things they serve are beer, wine, scones, muffins, bagels, breakfast burritos, avocado toast, and ice cream. Quite the happening place!

Inside of Brew 95

I ended up ordering a cup of the Black Gold House blend. The cupping notes for this blend read balanced and smooth, Black Cherry, and Chocolate. It was so good, I see why they call it Black Gold. Also, I enjoyed how Brew 95 went the extra mile and stamped their logo onto each coffee sleeve. Coffee shops with their name on the sleeve get extra points in my book. I walked back over to Michael and he let me sample a taste of the nitro coffee and dang was it smooth! I could’ve hung here all day, a great place if you’re looking to meet a friend, do homework, or go on a date. They even had some patio furniture outside for you to enjoy the beautiful day. I plan to come back here one day.

My coffee at Brew 95

The bathroom was gorgeous and spotless. Not to mention there were two of them. No complaints. For this, I’ll rank it a clean 10/10.

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