Global Coffee #35

508 W Winnemucca Blvd. ste A Winnemucca, NV Drive-thru Available
Contact: 775-625-1000
IG @globalcoffee.nv

Date Visited: October 25, 2019

Me at Global Coffee

On September 16, 1868, the Central Pacific Railroad reached Winnemucca, Nevada, bringing travelers east from Sacramento. Eventually – with the completion of the First Transcontinental Railroad – transporting people and goods through Winnemucca to the existing eastern United States railway in Iowa. Today, Winnemucca remains a prominent pass-through for travelers over 150 years later. Global Coffee Espresso, in particular, is a popular stop for those traveling across the country and from around the world. 



Since 1994, Global Coffee Espresso has been caffeinating weary travelers and today I was one of them.Situated next to a Verizon Wireless, the awning reads “ESPRESSO” so I knew I was in the right place. I headed inside to find a clean and comfortable coffee shop where I exchanged a warm and friendly good morning with Taylor and Anna Rae. Right away they noticed my shirt and I told them what I was up to.Immediately they pointed out the giant map behind me that allows customers to mark where they’re from. It was covered with travelers from all over the world. Anna Rae told me how some out-of-town travelers will stop in once or even four times a year, many making a point to say hi every time they come through. I drew a little X near Maryland and marked Find That Coffee’s birthplace.

Inside Global Coffee

I ordered a medium coffee and walked over to pour myself a fresh cup. I tried the French Roast, Ethiopian Marta Alema, and the Yirgacheffe roast. They were all tasty and scorchingly fresh. I decided to go with the Ethiopian, I was digging the medium roast. I walked around and was loving what I was seeing. I always find it really cool when a small coffee shop has a drive-up window, it shows how popular and essential these small cafes really are when you may be in a hurry. I even witnessed someone drive-thru and order coffee right when I snapped a picture. Global Coffee Espresso had hung up great sayings, motivational quotes, and other banter. Not to mention the bathroom was filled with them but I’ll get to that in the bathroom review.

Coffee cups at Global Coffee

I threw my questions at my new friends. Their most popular drink is the Saskatchewan which is caramel,English toffee, and vanilla latte. Ah, that sounds good! Winnemucca is the original home of Global Coffee Espresso, but they also have another location in Reno, NV. Reno is also where Global Coffee Espresso sources its beans: they use a roaster called Drink Coffee, Do Stuff. Food options are pastries, scones, and breakfast burritos. Customers are welcome to use two desktop computers free of charge, and they also offer free wifi. I had a lot of fun getting to know the baristas, they were cool. Anna Rae and I spent at least an hour discussing caffeine intake, brewing techniques, and other fun facts about coffee.

Baristas at Global Coffee

The bathrooms were great! There were two and both super clean. Inside you’ll find a wide range of motivational quotes. I think Global Coffee Espresso really strives to make sure you have an amazing day whether you’re stopping in for your annual visit or you come by daily. They certainly improved my day! With that, I’ll rank this bathroom a 10/10. Good job! I look forward to checking out their other location in Reno, located in an old post office. Cheers!

P.S. Bathroom motivation below!

Bathroom at Global CoffeeInside of Global CoffeeCoffee at Global CoffeeDrive thru at Global CoffeeMy coffee at Global CoffeeTrinkets at Global CoffeeA globe at Global CoffeeMap at Global CoffeeMap at Global CoffeeComputers at Global Coffee


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